Amber Marchese On Her Sit Down With Nicole Napolitano


Amber Marchese is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss her sit down with Nicole Napolitano this week on RHONJ. Amber says she hopes and prays that they can move forward and explains the backstory to some of her comments about Nicole’s boyfriend Bobby.

Amber writes, “”Let the sunshine in, Let the sun shine!” LOL! Wow, it took a lot to get here. I am so happy that we are at this point, but again, I have to say, I wish this meeting with Nicole would have taken place right off the bat. We could have chatted, and I could have apologized. Whether the information I was told is true or not, clearly Nicole is hurting (and tormented) inside. I never want to see another person hurting, and I especially do not want to see a friend of mine hurt.

I don’t want to beat (or should I say mutilate) a dead horse at this point, but I want to make a few final points. At the time of me telling Melissa, I truly was telling it as I heard it “through the grapevine” without knowing the validity. I was not being malicious. However, from the point of telling Melissa to the point of sitting in front of Nicole, I realized that our definitions of “affair” are very different, as Nicole’s recent explanation of her situation proves. It’s the difference between “separated” and “divorced.” However, everyone has the right to make a choice and we approach these choices from different points of views. My feelings are that, as a woman, I never want to interfere with a family. If a divorce is filed and pending that is one thing, but if they are only separated there is a chance for the family to reunite. We have enough single parents in this country; the best circumstance is an intact family with both mommy and daddy. I would never want to risk becoming the reason that a family stays apart or the potential reason for children hurting. This is my point of view; I stand completely firm on these feelings and in the end I am not here to judge, just offer my viewpoint.

What I still do not understand is how this situation ever escalated the way it did in the first place. It would have been a hell of a lot more sane if this “sit down” conversation happened prior to the spectacle that Nicole had put on at the party. Either way, I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this. I pray we can honestly all move on.

As far as Bobby goes, please understand, there is so much back story this situation. Bobby hurt us, my family, and destroyed a long term friendship with my husband. Jim has done nothing but bend over backwards for Bobby! I have had many conversations with Bobby, and I do not like how he treats people. Whether it be his friends, his family, or women, I have cringed at some things that he has said to me. If Rino, Teresa, or Nicole for that matter wants to turn a blind eye, that is their choice. Trust me when I tell you, I held back what I really wanted to say to Nicole as a friend, and there are things I have kept quiet because my loyalty was with Bobby for a very long time now. However, after what Bobby did to us, I wanted so badly to warn Nicole. I did not feel like she was ready, so I shut my mouth. Remember Nicole, there is nothing for us to gain by telling you, however, you are handing him everything for free, including notoriety and fame, without so much as a ring on your finger. I hope everyone caught Bobby’s response at the dinner table when asked about his future with Nicole: “Is that grape?” In the end, I warned her and what she does with the information is her decision.

Now, I am going to gush over my children! They were amazing and so adorable! Their personalities just shined! The Mortgage Now commercials are just so much fun for us as parents to watch. It helps our children learn their lines and perform, as well as breaking them out of their shells and learning to be comfortable in front of others. Whether they want to pursue acting, public speaking, public office, or anything for that matter, this gives them the foundation to do all of that. Jim and I could not be more proud as parents. Jim and I truly love being parents. We really feel we are an amazing duo together with the same values, morals, and ethics. We want to raise amazing gentlemen and ladies. Here is a flash bulletin, the commercials are for fun and for the Mortgage NOW, Inc. website, they are not supposed to make you apply for a mortgage – they’re there to make you smile and make it clear the company is service oriented and family based.

As far as my new nick name the twins dubbed for me, Amberzilla, I love it! I am sure from their perspective of less than 5’ and me being almost 5’7” I must have looked like a giant swatting two gnats away. TeRESSA,I can squat both of you in body weight, I get you girl, I get you. Next time, know what you are going up against. Ciao!

I want to take a moment to remember one of my all-time favorite people, Robin Williams. My heart goes out to his family. I also want to take a moment to outwardly speak about the hate mail/tweets that his daughter received after this tragedy in her life. I don’t understand the level of depravity to send her anything but condolences. I really don’t. She does not deserve this. She only deserves our love and support.

Her experience with hate tweets made me think of #RHONJ. Please, support your favorite Housewife, but it really upsets me to read hurtful, viscous tweets about any of the Housewives. It is OK to have a point of view, it is OK to not agree with us, it is OK to like and support us, however, it is never OK to be mean, vulgar, judgmental, and/or nasty to any of us. I may not agree with a particular Housewife, I might even be angry with her, but I still do not want my supporters becoming nasty to her. We can all get our points across without being cruel to one another. Our supporters are what make this show so amazing. This should all be enjoyable and a fun process, leave the nasty and hateful comments out it.

I want to thank my mom, my husband, and my friends that have circled around me and reminded me what is important in life. Friends, family, making memories is what it is all about. I am having an absolute blast with the process so far. I thank you all who have supported me, I have enjoyed getting to know you!”

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3 Replies to “Amber Marchese On Her Sit Down With Nicole Napolitano”

  1. She really will take any opportunity to make it all about her won’t she. Teresa’s legal battle turned into her breast cancer. Robin Williams death. Really Amber. Enough.

  2. I respect Amber for her thoughtful post. She and her husband seem like a solid couple. I hope the show doesn’t damage their relationship. God bless both of them.

  3. Amber and Jim seem like used up smelly old left out in the sun douche bags..

    By the way Jim behaved on TV with his arrogance lying self, proclaiming he worked for the prosecutors handling the Guidice case, who on earth would get mortgage loans from this guy?

    As for Amber: she is no friend. She brought up the rumor to Melissa about her own friend. Nicole–PERIOD.

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