Did Amber Marchese Join RHONJ To Become An Actress?


The new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres July 13th on Bravo, and according to the preview, new Housewife Amber Marchese seems to be in the middle of most of the drama and an insider is telling RadarOnline she is bringing the drama because she wants to famous.

“She is trying too hard to be famous,” a show insider tells the site. “She desperately wants to be an actress like Heather Dubrow or NeNe Leakes and the other women felt like she spent the season pretending to be someone she is not.”

The site found videos of two acting roles Marchese has had in the past, a Mortgages NOW commercial and Galaxy Toyota’s “Mirror Mirror” spot.

“Amber really is hoping this show will make her a name and she started filming acting like Teresa or Melissa, like she had been around forever,” the source said. “She’s probably going to say that she is ‘just being a character’ and that’s not her real life on the show, which is totally fake.”

“Bravo executives hate when the women say they’re not being themselves. They still want them to act like this is a ‘reality’ show so if she tries to pull that after all the filming is done they’re not going to be happy with her,” the insider explains. “Her biggest acting gig to date is landing on the RHONJ. Even in the previews she looks like she is acting. It’s so fake.”

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2 Replies to “Did Amber Marchese Join RHONJ To Become An Actress?”

  1. FYI, besides a bit of acting for NeNe NO OTHER reality personality has much of a chance or has had an “acting” career happen! Heather was acting BEFORE RHOC…………this woman is an idiot if she thinks that this will get her acting jobs………. reality personalities rarely can make the jump…..duh….


    People need to stop being jealous. Every wife wants to be famous otherwise they wouldnt do this. Jeeez.

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