Amber Marchese Gives Health Update


As previously reported, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese had a mass removed from her breast that was revealed to be cancerous. The news broke when her husband Jim spoke to TMZ last week, and now for the first time Amber is speaking out to her fans about her health.

She posted on her Facebook page; “I have not made a formal statement about my health because there are a lot of tests that need to occur before that happens. I want to accurately inform all of you exactly what is going on so I do not create unnecessary fear or anxiety in anyone, especially to anyone who may be going through something similar.This uncertain time is not ruffling my feathers.”

Marchese also shared with fans how she is turning to her faith to get her through this difficult time. “When, naturally, I go to worry and fear, I go back into prayer. It is my armor and my sword. My faith is my joy, my happiness, and my peace.”

Although she did not share too much information with the fans, she did show her appreciation of everyone’s support/ “I am so beyond grateful for all of your love, support, and prayer. I DO read each and every single person’s message, DM, text, email to me.”

We send well wishes and love to Amber and her family.

Photo Credit: Bravo