Amber Marchese Finishes Radiation Treatment


Even though this is the second time around for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese, she is putting up a brave fight against breast cancer. The reality star has recently completed her radiation treatment and took her celebration to Instagram, having a well deserved glass of wine with a friend.

Last day of radiation. A little celebratory wine with my girlfriend @constantina2015 ! #rhonj #friends #fucancer

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Amber has been very vocal about her battle with breast cancer as she recently became a blogger for People, hoping that sharing her story and struggles with help others that are going through the disease. She recently shared this in one of her blogs with fans:

“As a Real Housewife of New Jersey, I thought I would be writing about how many pairs of shoes are in my closet, but, frankly, I just don’t give damn. The once superficial, empty gratification of buying shoes and handbags is just not my concern any longer. Trust me, I sometimes wish it was. If it is your guilty pleasure, I don’t begrudge you, I am happy for you. I still enjoy material belongings. I am being treated for cancer after all, I’m not dead! However, those items do not bring lasting happiness to my life. Instead, my children and those little moments of time that I get with them bring peace. Believe it or not, we are big homebodies. There is nothing like being in with the family. I love how each of us would rather be together as a family than with anyone in the world. I get sad to think of time in the future when they will be more interested in their friends, especially Michael being so close to 16 years old. But we are not are not at that time yet.”

We wish Amber and her family the best.

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