Amber & Jim Marchese Tell All On WWHL


Amber and Jim Marchese appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night after an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and as we expected, viewers had a lot of questions for the couple.

First, Andy tells Jim that he received over 1,000 tweets from viewers asking him to tell Jim that he is a douchebag. Andy reveals that at the reunion he told Jim that he was “a disaster” on Twitter.

“I’m responding to what people say to me,” Jim said of his ‘”combative” tweets to viewers. “Listen Andy, I take it as a compliment. Anybody who is going to take time to send out so much hate and disgust… to me it’s like another form of love.”

“I think he relishes in it,” Amber adds. “He gets off on it.”

After playing a clip of all of Jim’s most memorable moments on the show and what the other cast members had to say about him behind his back, Andy gives Jim a chance to respond.

“I’m going to first apologize to my wife and mother before I start now,” Jim says. “A. Only someone with an ass as big as Dina’s could actually know how big of a douchebag a whale would need to clean it’s vagina. B. Joe, I already called you a bitch, so to repeat it… I know you only got through the third grade and you only got to ‘B’ in the alphabet, go on to ‘C, D & E’ it’s much much better. Wolf sheep’s clothing? She’s probably right about that… I’ll let her go with that one. As far as not wanting to hang out with me? I didn’t buy any tickets to hang out so it’s okay.”

Next, Jim was asked to say one nice thing about people he’s ripped on this season:

Dina: “Um… she’s got blonde hair.”
Nicole: “She can very sweet, especially with children… she’s got a good heart.”
Bobby: “He sells a lot of nice cars.”
Joe Giudice: “He’s a softy. He’s a good day.”
TerEsa: “She’s my drunken fraternity brother. I love her.”
Joe Gorga: “Um… he works out a lot.”

Jim was also asked for his opinion about Joe and Teresa Giudice’s sentencing.

“That’s a tough one… Joe and Teresa they are good parents. I don’t know enough about their case to say anything. As long as they feel it’s fair, it’s fair to me. I don’t have an opinion,” Jim says.

When a caller asked Jim why he came on a show with the Giudices when he knew they had legal issues. Jim insisted that the couple had not been charged when Amber had started the process of coming on the show.

Amber was asked why she is always bringing up the cancer.

“Go through it and then we will see how much you have to say about that,” Amber quipped. “I earned the right to talk about it. I walked the walk and if you don’t like it then go f*ck yourself.”

Andy reveals that he received a TON of questions for Jim about how he talks down to women.

“I don’t think I talk down to woman at all,” Jim says. “Here’s the issue, Andy. We live in a society where men and woman are equal and when a woman engages me in a specific manner and uses specific language, she’s behaving how you or I or another gentlemen would behave. If you’re going to call a man a dick, a vagina… you’re no longer a lady to me. You’re one of the guys and if you want to behave like a guy I’m going to give you the respect and treat you just like you treated me. So I’m actually the only non sexist in the group because I treat everyone equally.”

Another caller asked Amber what her first reunion experience was like.

“I went in thinking it was going to very very difficult. I felt like it was more of a purging and I was able to get it all out. We were able to come to an understanding with a lot of the girls and I walked away with a lot of respect that I did my first season with,” Amber explains.

The next caller asked Jim to respond to claims that he has Napoleon syndrome.

“First of all Napoleon was around 5’7 so it’s kind of fitting because I am almost 5’7 with my shoes, my hair, every ounce of me, but being compared to one of the greatest emperors in history is not that bad… so I’m okay with it,” Jim says.

Another caller wanted to know why Jim can’t seem to make up with his former best friend Bobby Ciasulli.

“He’s actually never apologized to Amber for what occurred,” Jim explains. “That’s the biggest rub with me right now. Regardless of what has transpired between us, the way to my heart is through my wife. It’s very simple and he knew something was going to happen [the night at the First Responder’s party]. Regardless of what he knew, he knew something was going to happen and he owed it to her to give us a heads up. And after it happened he simply should have apologized and that’s it.”

Andy asked Amber if Jim ever embarrasses her with his antics.

“I said this to you at the reunion,” Amber tells Andy. “I think every husband embarrasses their wife at one point or another but I respect him and love him and cherish him for who he is and I would never want him to change… not one damn thing about him.”

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15 Replies to “Amber & Jim Marchese Tell All On WWHL”

  1. These two are just so full of themselves! But they are watchable in a train wreck sort of way, however they are not endearing or likable. Just when you feel an ounce of sympathy for them- they stomp it ou with gusto.

  2. Oh my, I did catch the What What Happens Live with Amber and Jim. It’s a whole new level of a D-bag husband. His parenting his children to mirror others behavior, including other D-bags and bullies, is a horror show. And there is Amber, high five-ing her husband. It’s a whole new level of creepy. Amber, so glad you dig your husband. There is no way a short, arrogant bully would ever get another girl who wasn’t a Stepford Wife robot like yourself. It’s one thing to feel protected, but a whole other thing to be protected by Hitler. Run, or forget you every finding your own voice and the sense of decency that I think is buried in denial.

  3. I don’t care for Dina AT ALL….but I just don’t get the reference Jim made toward’s her as$ and the douchebage/whale’s vagina.

    Jim and Amber were both ridiculous..(but Amber did look good in her fringe retro outfit).

  4. Amber is AFRAID of her husband, that is why she co-signs EVERYTHING he says and his actions.
    These two are so full of it that they actually believe their own BS, truly.

    Bravo, please, for the love of God, get rid of these two, they do not contribute ANYTHING positive or lead lavish lifestyles, cut them off!

  5. lol these 2 are so pathetic – she brings up her cancer because she is an attention whore as is her wifey, jim. they make me throw up a little bit everytime I have to see them lol . I have watched 2 shows of this and it was enough for me. jim and amber are wanna be actors but they suck at it so they went reality tv. i do not like the p word but that is all i can think of at the sound of his name lol

    1. I bring up my breast cancer and I am not on television or a fame whore. It is a normal reaction when someone goes through a horrific experience like that. I hope she keeps on letting her feelings out and continues to heal. I never realized how many self centered crappy people are out there in the world. Shame on you.

  6. I don’t get people’s reaction to him and Amber. I like them so far. I just think him is a lot smarter than the rest of them. Like a lot smarter. Why do people expect them to be attacked physically and verbally but yet they are awful to defend themselves? I love that Jim goes at everyone hard. They all deserve it and act so self righteous. I mean Dina apparently has a husband who cheated on her and won’t even go on camera but Jim is a d*ck? I think his “real” job and smart comebacks and real love for his wife are what infuriates everyone. And I agree that when a woman comes at you like they have been, they are no longer “ladies” and deserve to be treated as such. Imagine how boring this season would be without them? Oh, and bobby calling Nicole stupid and hiding in the bathroom like a little girl? And Jim is the one they can’t stand? I just don’t get it!

    1. You have a lot of good points, Maybe Jim is getting too close to the truth for these hypocrites and they KNOW he ain’t afraid to say it so they are afraid of him. Still he is pretty crass. Another point I agree with him on, when “ladies” go around cussing and referring to men as dicks, penises and vaginas, they turned in their lady card an can be treated like a man. You can’t talk like a truck driver and then cry like a baby when your treated like one- Dina.

    2. Agree with you. Not quite sure why everyone is on the “I hate Jim and Amber” train. Maybe because he calls them on their bullshit and she comes off as a people pleaser. I like them.

  7. Amber brought cancer to the front line and thank you for that. But really sweets you are not the only person to have gone thru it and instead of saying you earned it…maybe give back without all the pity you crap OK?? Just saying……

  8. I find these two beyond repulsive. Their poor kids will now have documented proof in eternity that their parents are crass, attention starved wanna be, shameless fools. The kids should try to get their last name changed so they can dump the baggage of that last name. This Jim ( he needs to look up what Napoleonic complex really infers) came onto TV with a slimy rep at best, and proves consistently how damaged a human he is. And Amber the fifty foot fool is no slouch herself. Flash ! You are not the only person to ever have The Cancer. Get over yourself! The lack of shame and self awareness you both display is absolutely mind boggling. You best get back to your church (without the cameras) and pray for some foregiveness, humility and insight.

    1. Really like your comment Just Saying. She really gives people who’ve had cancer (me included) a bad name. It is NOT a free pass to insult and attack and attract sympathy! People go through stuff in life, accept it and move on instead of solliciting sympathy and using it for an excuse in everything you do! Live and learn Amber, the poor-me card is getting old.

    2. I live nearby and knew another family of Marcheses that I actually worked for. Great folks. Generous people, and hard workers.

  9. My cousin, at 46 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of her spine, lungs and brain…fought for 18 months before losing that battle. Know what we talked about when we saw her??? How WE were doing…what WE were doing….never ONCE was cancer a topic of our conversation…So don’t give me the “walk the walk” crap! You survived breast cancer and that’s awesome…but DROP IT already! You use cancer like some use guns as the cause for all the evils in the world. Get over yourself already!

  10. Jim Marchese and Amber were on Twitter and laughing about how they were going to give it to everyone in Florida. It was all planned to hurt and ruin a weekend. But Jim and Amber, who did you hurt? Santa what did she ever do to you? Why did you feel the need to hurt and announce that rumor even more. What if it was your mother? ?Jim you do not know how to treat a woman , fortunately I do. My husband was against violence and rudeness and everything you represent against women. He wasn’t a wimp either, my daughters and I were under his protective umbrella wherever we went. You don’t have to treat people like that, no one respects you. The women on the show never talk like that until you show up. Also he who shouldn’t throw stones, how about the murder of David Widlak, or the fact your license is revoked for 20 yrs in the state of Washington and you were fined hundreds of thousands of dollars also while you were in WA state your NJ Mortgage Now were unlicensed and you got popped for that too. Also the reason you are not a practicing attorney you haven’t submitted to the National Character and Ethic Exam, you have four open judgments in New Jersey and there are some other things

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