Amber And Jim Marchese Arrive In Florida And The Drama Explodes


The drama came to a head on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when Amber and Jim Marchese joined the cast in Florida. With tensions at an all time high between Jim Marchese and his former friend Bobby Ciasulli and the threat of the Rino rumor being exposed, it was a given that tempers would flare.

After a few drinks Jim started throwing digs at Bobby, claiming it was time for him to grow up, settle down and marry Nicole. Nicole appreciated Jim’s comments and Bobby stormed upstairs and locked himself in the bathroom.

Meanwhile Jim was downstairs continuing the conversation saying that Bobby was cheating on Nicole and that he had spoken poorly about her family. (Rino rumor)

Nicole went upstairs to confront Bobby regarding Jim’s accusations while Teresa Aprea tells Jim that her husband Rino “will smash him.”

After returning from a talk with Bobby, Amber tries to calm Jim down by telling him that they are leaving. But Bobby is ready to confront Jim head on…

This brings us to next week’s episode where Jim drops the bombshell, claiming that Bobby told him Rino Aprea slept with Teresa and Nicole’s mother Santa.

Recap: Everyone is mad at Jim:

Next week:

Teresa Aprea to Jim Marchese: “Do you think he didn’t date a stripper?”

Jim Marchese: “No, but I do think he f*cked your mom…”

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5 Replies to “Amber And Jim Marchese Arrive In Florida And The Drama Explodes”

  1. I’m beginning to think Billionaire Bobby set this up with Jim – not the Rino rumour just all the other stuff. I’ve NEVER met a man who behaves like either one of them.

    1. I’ve got it!!! Jim is the ultimate wingman breaking up with Nicole for Bobby without her even knowing – planting the seeds for her to leave HIM!

  2. Jim is off his rocker BUT he brings the drama, that’s for sure…….

    Listen, Teressa just kept going after him. She just had to keep going, didn’t she? Well, that’s what happens!!!!

    Anyway, does anyone think it’s odd that the twins are not denying this???? If someone said that about my mother and husband, the first thing out of my mouth would be, “Shut your effing mouth. That’s a damn lie. And don’t you ever let that come outta your mouth again! It’s a LIE!”

    Neither one of them said that.

    Furthermore, I don’t think Bravo would air this footage if it wasn’t true. Too much at stake legally. And, that’s an odd “lie” to invent. I mean, lying about being a home wrecker or a gold digger is one thing. But, to say that your husband slept with your mother???? That doesn’t just come outta thin air.

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