Exclusive Interview With RHOM Dr. Karent Sierra


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the new ladies from The Real Housewifes of Miami, Dr. Karent Sierra. She was very honest and open, and reveals her experience coming in as the “new girl.” Karent dishes on what brought her to join The Real Housewives, how she stayed positive throughout her first season, which ladies she connected with the most, and what other Real Housewives shows are her favorite!

How did Bravo approach you to be on RHOM, did you have any hesitation?
 “I had heard they were looking for ladies in the Miami Market. I got word that some ladies I knew had auditioned and my publicist and good friend Liza Santana suggested it to me. We discussed it, and being that I knew some of the ladies who were in the running, I agreed it could be a great way to elevate my dental practice and thus help the foundation I started called Sharing Smiles. The organization’s mission is to provide free dental care to disadvantaged kids. It’s very important to me.”

What were your expectations coming on the show?
DKS: “I knew I would have to deal with an array of personalities. I assumed there may be some drama. I just never thought I’d be caught in the dead center of it! But I guess it is what it is when you have a lot of passionate and different personalities in one place.”

Was it difficult coming into the show with a group of ladies that already had formed friendships?
DKS: “Yes and no. I am not one to be worried when it comes to meeting new people. I am approachable and friendly. So I was looking forward to meeting new faces. But sometimes people treat adult relationships like “high- school” ones. In short, acting clique-y if you know what I mean. But I am lucky that I formed great new friendships with Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa through all this. They are wonderful!”

How did you handle some of the negative reactions from the other Housewives?
DKS: “As I would anywhere else, I try to let it slide and not affect me. I have a life, a busy one thank God. My time is spent working and sharing with those I love and love me. I am blessed and I know it. So I try to treat them with kindness and respect and hope for the best. I can’t say I have gotten that same kindness and respect back from everyone but that is life.”

Rodolfo was a big topic of conversation between the ladies, are you guys still together?
DKS: “I know and you have to wonder WHY? It’s my life, my personal life. I simply cannot understand why MY personal life is SO important to those who claim I am SO unimportant to THEM. You have to watch to see!”

How did you manage to keep your relationship positive when so many people had a negative reaction to it?
DKS: “We focused on the time we have gotten to share together. When spending time with friends and family or alone. Not everyone wants what’s good for you. Only those who care about you want what is best for you. I am now very clear on some who don’t care for me and that’s fine.”

Which of The Housewives did you connect with the most?
DKS: “Lisa and Joanna!”

Have you remained close with any of them since the show wrapped?
DKS: “Lisa and Joanna!”

Were you a Housewives Fan before joining the cast?
DKS: “Yes! Beverly Hills and New Jersey!”

Who is your favorite Housewife from another city?   
DKS: “I like a bunch of them! How can I not? You have so many strong, assertive and dynamic women.”

Do you have any projects in the works?
DKS: “I have several! I am so excited! Let’s just say that lots of news will be launching soon…..”

Anything you’d like to say to fans, or people that have experienced any type of bullying?
DKS: “I think that most of us have experienced it at one point in time or another. I experienced it when I was young and now as an adult, so I know how terrible it can make one feel. Of course I cannot compare to cases I have read or heard about that have brought tears to my eyes. It’s simply unacceptable! As a nation, we have come so far in so many ways. But we still have such a ways to go. We need to bring a greater awareness to help stop bullying just as we have to create awareness for the LGBT community (which I am very sensitive and passionate about).”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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