Exclusive Interview With RHOC Peggy Tanous

AllThingsRH spoke with former Real Housewife of Orange County, Peggy Tanous, in an EXCLUSIVE interview. Peggy tells us if she will be returning to television, talks about the controversy of former friend Alexis Bellino, tells us what made her leave The Housewives, and more! Peggy is so sweet, you can read the interview below!

Hi Peggy. First I would like to say thank you for agreeing to do this interview, I’m so honored. How are you doing?
PT: “I’m doing great!!”

What have you been up to lately? Any new projects you are working on?
PT: “Busy with my girls, various charities and in development on 3 new shows! I’m also trying to get my book on PPD out by the holidays!!!”

I absolutely loved you and your family on The Real Housewives! Will you be making any appearances on Season 8?
PT: “Never know!!”

Are you still friends and in contact with any of the ladies of The RHOC?
PT: “I occasionally speak to Tamra and Gretchen, but we are all so busy and in different points of our lives.”

What do you think about Alexis not returning to the show? Do you believe she was fired?
PT: “I wasn’t surprised she is not coming back. I was told they only asked her back last season to get more drama with me, but then I left. She easily could have been fired, but like me she could have also been given a contract and not liked the terms of it. Tough to say. Whatever the case, after last season if I were her and had any integrity for myself I wouldn’t go back.”

Did you ever mend your friendship with Alexis?
PT: “No. We are different people and she treated me so poorly once I got on the show I didn’t feel a reason to try and mend the friendship.”

How would you describe your experience as a Real Housewife, do you think you were portrayed accurately on the show?
PT: “I had a great time on the show and think I was definitely portrayed accurately!”

Were you a fan of The Real Housewives Franchise prior to joining the show?
PT: “No. I didn’t even know it was still on until Alexis got hired.”

Who is one of your favorite Housewives from another city?
PT: “Camille Grammar from RHBH! We have become friends and she is so sweet and genuine!”

If you had the opportunity to do so, would you be on reality tv again?
PT: “I already was! I was just on an episode of Nail Files on TV Guide and with my 3 new shows 2 of them are reality!”

I truly admired you sharing your postpartum experience with viewers, did you get a lot of positive feedback from sharing, and how are you doing now?
PT: “I definitely got amazing feedback from sharing my PPD experience on the show  and I am so glad I shared it. I had so many people reach out to me and feel I have been able to help a lot of women! I have been doing pretty good, but still suffer from anxiety. One of my reasons for leaving the show was my fear of how continuing the show could effect my anxiety and in turn my family.”

What’s your best advice for any mothers that suffer from postpartum?
PT: “Know you are not alone and feel free to contact me through www.peggytanous.com! Try to workout everyday and be around people! Getting outside and walking is great and seeing a therapist who is not close to the situation helps! Don’t feel ashamed to need meds, but know you can also try the holistic route like I did!”

Are you still doing any modeling?
PT: “Some! I just shot the cover of a fashion magazine that will be out in December and have Ben approached by a few company’s for various endorsement deals!”

Can you give readers an update on your girls and Micah, and how they are doing?
PT: “The girls are great! London missed the cut off for Kindergarten,  but is in pre-k and Capri is starting pre-school next month! They are always busy with play dates, sports etc. and I’m just starting them back with modeling! Micah is doing great too! His internet company, W5 Internet is getting really busy with Apps and recently finished a big project for Brittany Spears! He has also been busy perfecting our wine which will finally be launched very soon! You can check out the logo and bottles at www.monarchywines.com!”

What’s next for you and your family?
PT: “We are excited for the holidays and some traveling we have planned! The girls can’t wait for trick or treating on Halloween! I’m looking forward to having the girls help me serve meals to the homeless on Thanksgiving, as I want to teach them at a young age the importance of helping people in need. Other than that we are just excited for the various projects we have on the table and the next chapter in our lives!!!”

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?
PT: “Thank you all for your continued support and I can’t wait to be back on TV in your living rooms soon! Please stay tuned! I love hearing from you all! You can find me on FB under Peggy Tanous/Entertainer and on Twitter @peggytanous! Also, check out my You Tube Channel Positivity with Peggy!!!”

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  1. Peggy is the fake one.As soon as you came on season 6 you tryed to get in good with vicki and tamra .You dated Alexis husband like vicki said that would be weird for alexis.If that would of been the other way around and Alexis would of went out with one of the husbands. some would of turned it around and made her look bad. because she luves the lord.she is kind .she has gained alot of us rooting for her. go find something ele to do peggy.quit worrying about a show you are not on.you seem obsessed.we do not need updates from you.

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