Allison DuBois Confirms Carlton Gebbia Won’t Be Returning To RHOBH


You may or may not remember Allison DuBois from season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. DuBois is infamous for attending Camille Grammer’s dinner party, a fake cigarette and some out of line comments towards the women. As we recently revealed, Allison is friends with RHOBH newcomer, Carlton Gebbia, and shared her opinions throughout the reunion Monday night. She had some nasty things to say about Kyle Richards and also hinted that Carlton is done with the show.

“When I met Carlton the first time, she was effervescent and so positive,” DuBois tweeted. “When I met Kyle, she was arrogant, guarded, and wounded. I truly hope she finds happiness. She’ll argue she has, but it’s not true.”

“Kyle seems to habitually tear people down and then say she’s not intentionally offending people. She’s an Olympic back peddler,” she continued. “I don’t know why Kyle has a problem with Wiccan but has her own personal psychic. Both are rooted in spirituality.”

“The streets have been talking about Mauricio for years,” Allison claims. “The tabloids didn’t say anything new. The ‘lady’ doth protest too much.”

“I wish Kyle wasn’t such a name caller, witchy poo, really? She just proved Carlton’s point. So long RHOBH! No more Carlton, no reason to watch,” the medium wrote.

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6 Replies to “Allison DuBois Confirms Carlton Gebbia Won’t Be Returning To RHOBH”

  1. Tell us, O Enlightened One, is this your psychic guess or did Carlton tell you she’s not returning. Either way, if it’s true, I say “Hallelujah!”

  2. Apparently the spirits failed to inform you that the majority don’t watch the show for Carlton…or for your opinion of Kyle. Get over yourself.

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