Alexis Bellino Shocked & Touched Tamra Apologized To Jim


Alexis Bellino is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about how shocked and touched she was when Tamra apologized to her husband at Vicki’s party. Alexis says she knew she and Tamra had moved forward and were working on a friendship, but she never thought Tamra would apologize to her husband. Alexis says Jim got so emotional because he had been really hurt by being the butt of Tamra’s jokes.

Alexis writes, “The biggest shocker of the night was Tamra apologizing to Jim. Wait what??? That feels weird even typing it! My husband has been the brunt of group jokes, speculation, and rumors for three years now, so to hear a true apology from Tamra made both Jim and me tear up. My head was swimming with emotions as Tamra was talking. Her and I have patched things up and started over, but I NEVER anticipated her saying those things to Jim. I think Jim got emotional because he puts up a tough front, but in reality, she has really hurt him. He is a big teddy bear wrapped up in a hard turtle shell. No matter what front he puts up, he is still human at the end of the day. As his wife, I get to see the teddy bear side of him often. It was good he let his guard down for America to see. Leave it to Jim to lighten the mood by price-dropping his scarf. Babe, I thought we were working on this! LOL! (However, I can guarantee there is no price too high when I am in desperate need for a tissue at a party!)”

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4 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Shocked & Touched Tamra Apologized To Jim”

  1. Where did these Housewives go to school? Their grammar is awful. “Her and I???” It should be ” she and I”. Every time I read one of these blogs I find errors.

  2. Aunt bee,you should consider there is always an error o the keyboard,esp.when you were in Emotions..BE CONSIDERATE…

  3. You can blame typing errors all you want but that is the way they SPEAK on the show all the time. The NJ and Atlanta wives are the worst.

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