Alexis Bellino Shocked Tamra Was Going To Disinvite Her To Wedding


After watching this week’s episode of Tamra’s OC Wedding Alexis Bellino was shocked that Eddie Judge wanted Tamra to uninvited her and Jim to the wedding. “All it takes is honesty! If I’m not wanted there- then TELL ME!! Trust me- I have plenty to do,” Alexis tweeted as the episode aired and Tamra said she would disinvite the Bellinos. Alexis also revealed she questioned her place at Tamra’s wedding when a viewer sent her a tweet and she replied, “We went! But almost wishing we hadn’t.”

Tamra also took to Twitter trying to diffuse the situation, tweeting, “He didn’t want any drama with Alexis and Gretchen. He doesn’t know them that well.”

Photo Credit: Twitter