Alexis Bellino Shocked By Tamra Barney’s Apology!


Alexis Bellino says she was absolutely shocked by Tamra’s apology in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Alexis took to her Bravo Blog to explain her emotions before she met with Tamra. Alexis also weighs in on the conversation between Gretchen and Lauri. Alexis says she she believes there’s a piece of the puzzle missing when it comes to this story.

Alexis writes, “This episode took me through a whole gamut of emotions! From apprehension about meeting Tamra to surprise watching the women in Mexico. . .I think the theme of this episode for me could be “SHOCKED!”

When Tamra and Lydia met to discuss Tamra reaching out to me, my chin hit the floor (the first of many times this episode! LOL!) hearing Tamra say that she saw a connection between her at a younger age and me in the back of the limo. I think everyone can say they have been extremely sad at one point in their life, but for TAMRA to admit that was completely unexpected.

Then, when I received the text from Tamra asking me to meet with her, I nearly dropped my phone! I instantly thought: heck no! Why would I meet with her again? Why will this time be any different? I think it’s a natural feeling to have when I had extended the olive branch twice in the past and was shot down both times. By the time I met with Vicki to discuss Tamra’s text, I had loosened up a little and ready to do it.

Pulling up to the restaurant to meet Tamra, I felt my tummy do somersaults. I was so worried I may be humiliated once again, but it was too late. I was already there. Hearing Tamra say she was a little nervous prior to meeting me was a relief. Then having her stand up to hug me. . .that was absolutely shocking and once again my chin hit the floor as a viewer watching it.

I think I was so tense when we had lunch that I didn’t remember everything that occurred, and her hugging me is the perfect example. It was so awkward at first. I remember thinking, “I have no idea what to say to her.” Neither of us knew what to say. Once Tamra explained why she asked for this meeting, I crumbled. All the years of feeling such hatred from someone and to have that person actually apologize (in her own way), and look upset about it, my heart was relieved. Most likely we will never be BFFs, but I felt the dark hatred leaving and a fresh start beginning.

It was hysterical watching Gretchen and Heather argue over what bikini to have made for Tamra. That was like watching Laverne and Shirley!

I was confused watching Gretchen meet with Lauri. What, all of the sudden Gretchen is ok with the Lauri/Slade situation? There seemed to be a missing link there. Last I knew they weren’t friendly. I also don’t believe for one minute that Vicki is a person that sleeps around. To me, it was a very strange conversation.”

Photo Credit: Bravo