Alexis Bellino Says Tamra Barney’s Past Doesn’t Excuse Her Behavior!


Alexis Bellino is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain to viewers she wishes her friend, Lydia McLaughlin, would be more understanding with what she’s been through with the women on RHOC before suggesting she make amends so quickly. Alexis also says Tamra Barney’s speech was shocking and brave, but it doesn’t excuse her behavior today, and that everyone has a troubled past.

Alexis writes, “When Lydia and I met for coffee, I really didn’t expect her to keep asking me to be the one to reach out. It’s frustrating, and I truly don’t feel she is putting herself in my shoes. By the time we filmed this, we had known each other for quite a few months. We’d had many serious talks, and we had hung out on several occasions, and I feel she should have a better understanding of the dynamic between the girls and me. It’s not necessary that she agrees with me, but I had hoped she would respect my decision and support me, whether it’s the same choice she would have made or not.

Tamra’s speech was shocking and eye-opening. It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it definitely helps me understand her. None of us have had a “perfect” upbringing. We have all have experiences from our past which explain certain behaviors we have. It’s how we handle these behaviors that determine and mold our character.”

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11 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Says Tamra Barney’s Past Doesn’t Excuse Her Behavior!”

  1. Well said Alexis. This woman may not be the brightest bulb – but she does not have a black soul like Tamra. And for that, I can tolerate her. So sick of the ignorant, angry, forever victim, lying, ugly hag TammySue. I find it interesting how she flips on everbody, mom included, to blame for all her shat behavior. This ugly has- been is a disgrace to women and mothers. And please get your cellulite arms fixed….your tummy tuck worked but you can’t convince the public regarding your healthy workouts until you are actually toned everywhere. Fraud… just like your wine by wives crap. All a marketing scam. LOSER.

  2. Shut the hell up Alexis. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t make you better than her either. Get over it and ACCEPT that not everybody will think you’re perfect (you obviously are). I honestly think you’re just mad because Tamra is the only one who actually points out your flaws. That’s so sad

  3. I think Lydia should do some research on all of them before she expects Alexis to turn the other cheek and suck up to these bullies!! They can call it what they want but back in the day when I was a teen, any time a group of kids “ganged” up on someone it was bullying. Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather ganged up on Alexis at that party like they always do, so that WAS bullying in my eyes! Tamra just wants people to feel sorry for her and overlook her rude, nasty behavior by telling her sob stories. We all have a past, some worse than others and that doesn’t matter. Either you can stay in the gutter, or rise above, there are choices. If I was Alexis I WOULD NOT bring out an olive branch because them 3 will probably just throw it back in her face! If it was me they would all be kissing my a**

    1. Well said! Alexis is also absolutely right that her past doesn’t excuse how she treats people. It is through adversity that our true character shows. I think Tamra would be a bully no matter what. I also think that the scene with her mother looked a little too rehearsed.

  4. See, Tamra was lying about her life struggle and how mean she is because of it, if she was truly a changing woman and a person who now is recognizing her faults and wants positive change and why she does the things she does, then why didn’t she invite Alexis to her wedding? On the next episode you will see Tamra attempting to make good with Alexis and Alexis is balling her eyes out. Tamra is not only a fake but Gretchen, Heather and Lauri will soon see that Tamra is only looking out for Tamra, no one else. All she wants is HUGE RATINGS for her spin-off. Period.

  5. I never would have believed a year or more ago that I’d be agreeing so vehemently with Alexis! Nothing excuses Tamra’s cruelty to others, especially blaming a childhood slight she has yet to get over. And Lydia is telling the person who has been maligned and rejected repeatedly and nastily to be the one that makes the first overture. She did that quite nicely at Tamra’s party and was not just rejected and treated horribly but forced to leave.

  6. Excellent blog and I completely agree with Alexis. Tamra unveiling her past provides more insight into her background, but victims or survivors of trauma lose the sympathy factor when they become adult aggressors. Tamra cries that she felt unloved and opened her legs to get it, but she’s opening her mouth to unleash venom and vitriol which is worse than her family upbringing. Tamra did not succeed where her parents failed, she stepped down on the evolutionary scale. I miss watching Alexis on the show and I think it’s reprehensible that the cast can continue to exclude her from events and friends like Vicky and Lydia keep attending events, but haven’t held their own. Just the same workplace harassers getting their way by alienating Alexis.

  7. Is it only me that notices that EVERY SINGLE TIME Tamra cries, including in this poor-me speech, there is NOT ONE TEAR? She knows how to make her mouth look like she’s crying, scrunch up her face as if she’s crying, and she even knows how to make her voice go high and wobbly. But you watch when she puts her fingers up to her face to wipe away tears THERE AREN’T ANY!!!! Phoney and a bad actress.

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