Alexis Bellino Says She Does NOT Miss Gretchen Rossi!


Alexis Bellino is taking to her Bravo Blog to clarify Lydia’s statement that she misses Gretchen’s friendship. Alexis says she misses the “old” Gretchen and the person Gretchen is today is not the same person she was once friends with.

Alexis writes, “Lydia saying to Gretchen that I missed her needs clarification. I am not “missing” Gretchen because the current Gretchen is not the same person I was friends with three years ago. I do miss the old Gretchen, but not the person that I know and see now. What I had mentioned to Lydia is that Gretchen’s behavior towards me hurt the most, because at one point we really were friends. I’ve never had a close connection to Tamra or Heather.

I feel really bad for Heather and Terry. Marriages have ups and downs and it seems theirs is in a bit of a rut right now. I hope they are able to work through this rough patch. It will be interesting to see where their relationship goes this year.

When Jim claimed he had a “hair” problem, I about died! How hilarious! Yes, I am his wife, so of course I noticed his thinning hair up top. But it never crossed my mind that he needed to do something about it! I do feel that certain heads look better with hair on them, and Jim has one of those heads. I love him hairy or bald, but he asked my opinion so I had to be honest! At this time he is not looking into plugs. . .but never say never. This is his decision and I will stand behind him with a receding hairline or with a hair transplant. LOL!”

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4 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Says She Does NOT Miss Gretchen Rossi!”

  1. I think it’s pretty charitable of Alexis to chalk Terry and Heather’s marriage problems up to a “rough patch” instead of character flaws. Heather could take a lesson from her about minding her own business and cutting people some slack.

  2. Her theme is 1) I’m bullied 2) Look at all the nice things I have if you haven’t noticed I’ll point it out 3) Bravo gives me a bad edit 4) I’m kinda of a Christian but a sexy Christian who wants the world to focus on me.

  3. Alexis you have changed hugely and I commend you for that as you have a very domineering and over bearing husband so seeing you grow and become more independent is fantastic. I love the new Alexis, you are no longer trying to prove yourself materially and btw your hair looks stunning and amazing – you actually stood out on the ski trip as the other women looked like Barbies, you however looked classy, sophisticated, edgy and interesting…very beautiful with this style, it suits your face, your whole look, don’t change it!

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