Alexis Bellino Says Gretchen Was Jealous & Territorial For Swaying Tamra To Disinvite Her To Shop For Wedding Dresses!


Alexis Bellino is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal she thinks Gretchen Rossi was being jealous and territorial because Alexis was invited to Tamra’s wedding dress event. Alexis can’t believe Gretchen would stoop so low as to try and sway Tamra to disinvite her, and says she thinks it’s sad how Gretchen makes everything about her when it’s Tamra’s moment.

Alexis writes, “It was interesting that Gretchen was so concerned with me attending Tamra’s dress shopping excursion. Gretchen said I have been talking smack on Tamra for the past nine months, but let’s clarify: I was simply DEFENDING myself for the past nine months to B.S. that Tamra had said about me and my husband. I wasn’t gossiping or spreading rumors about Tamra. I really hate even discussing this now because Tamra and I have worked through all of those issues. I am only bringing it up because Gretchen was delivering false information. For Gretchen to try to sway Tamra to dis-invite me, I felt she was being jealous and territorial. The sad part is this day is suppose to be a happy day where Tamra is the focus, but it seems Gretchen always has the uncanny gift of making it about herself, even on Tamra’s wedding dress day. Well, we must all wait until next week to see what happens.”

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6 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Says Gretchen Was Jealous & Territorial For Swaying Tamra To Disinvite Her To Shop For Wedding Dresses!”

  1. Gretchen kinda had a point, why is she inviting someone who is basically nothing to her? It’s annoying. Although I get Tamra’s point as well. Gretchen always tries to make things about herself. She made her bachelorette party about herself, and she tried to do the same to this event.

    And Alexis, you’re an idiot. You weren’t defending yourself. You were talking trash like always. Ugh.

    1. M, I don’t think Gretchen makes everything about herself. It seems that when it comes to “editing”, she tries to explain herself. Gretchen put out alot of money and time, planning the surprise trip and having a schedule of fun things to do. To help make it a fun and memorable experience for the Tamara”s 3rd marriage. Tamara was mean to leave without Gretchen and Heather. She should have stood up to Vicki, but she couldn’t wait to run away with her. Can’t stand Vicki anymore!! Just my opinion.

      1. Oh I understand. But Gretchen tried making Tamra go to bed because Gretchen was tired in Mexico. She didn’t even care what Tamra wanted to do. Could be editing but that’s how I felt watching it and it was very frustrating to watch. I know Gretchen put a lot of work and time into it, but if Tamra wanted to go out, she can. But obviously leaving her and Heather was wrong. Totally get that! I think it’s dumb that Tamra invited Alexis but what can you do? It’s her big day and whatever she wants to do, she will lol. Gretchen should just back off when it comes to her decisions regarding the wedding.

  2. Gretchen U are a mess.stay out of it.U are being insecure,controlling,stop being needie when it comes to Tamra! looks like u are caught in another lie.least fav on the OC!

  3. I can’t believe Alexis ever called Gretchen a friend. If they were ever friends then Gretchen would find it in her heart to move on. OMG, if she can forgive Tamra then she sure should be able to move on with Alexis. I am not liking the Gretchen of the past season and this one.

  4. I think Gretchen is getting a bad edit this season but I also think Tamra is extremely fake and knows how to manipulate the women and Bravo to keep
    Her job.

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