Alexis Bellino Reveals Why She Decided To Return To RHOC Season 8!


As you know, Alexis Bellino will be returning for Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, despite announcing she would be leaving the show right before production began. Now, Alexis is speaking out on what made her decide to return to the show for another Season. “Coming back was me saying, ‘I’m not allowing these women to scare me off the show’,” she told Us Weekly. “The producers asked me to reconsider. I had such a rough season, but what kind of message does quitting send my children?”

“Things are different, alliances change,” Alexis said. “But I won’t know everything until the season airs, and I see what people said behind my back!”

Alexis also seems ready to address some of the allegations against her in Season 7. “What’s aggravating is all the girls sit around talking about their $300 flip-flops, no one calls them out on it,” she explains. “I’m choosing my words carefully. I don’t say private jet instead of airplane.”

Are YOU glad Alexis is returning to RHOC?

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9 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Reveals Why She Decided To Return To RHOC Season 8!”

  1. Or in other words she could have said.

    “We really needed the money and Jim and I agreed I needed to return and act like I really did not need to but I want to make it sound like it was the principal of the situation. This season I will work carefully on how I am portrayed but I bet the girls will still talk behind my back and I will still look stupid but not as stupid as in previous seasons. Hopefully this will jump start my struggling cheap clothes line that I had hoped my reality TV status would help make me a fortune and people would think it was couture. I also want people to think that I am too good for all this.”

    I don’t like her but she is good for the show and keeps it interesting with her insincere religion, money troubles, huge ego and ditziness.

  2. Luv her she is my favorite HW ever! luv her Confidence,she is funny,Always is happy for others.She is such a loyal friend.Gretchen it is your loss! Lex, i hope all you girls had fun! stay the same and stand strong on your beliefs.You can be kind to all,but do not be so nieve as some.You know what a TRUE friend is.Glad jim is back also.You guess are sweethearts and it works for you.What others say – will not matter in the long run.

  3. I’m glad Alexis is back. She’s without a doubt the nicest and the most well meaning of the bunch — things that can never be said about Tamra, Heather, and Gretchen. Those three knew they were in the wrong for their hypocritical bullying — and YES, THEY DID BULLY Alexis. Word is that they’ve all apologized to Alexis ‘off-camera’, but were too ashamed and cowardly to do it ‘on-camera’. Their dirty little “intervention” backfired on them and it kills them to admit it… seriously, they have no integrity in my eyes.

  4. I think Alexis is a hypocrite… She’s a convenient Christian…. No Christian would behave in that manner and she needs to stop using the word “Bullying” … The ladies only did what she did to Vickie in San Francisco and that was point out her flaws… In no way was that Bullying… Now she’s playing the “Victim” give me a break Alexis.. You are a grown woman with three children and what your teaching them is that no one can have an opinion about issues.. Your showing them that opinions is a form of bullying …. Wait to go Alexis you are teaching them the right way in life…. God help you…. Oh wait you have a therapist and Xanax… You use God only for your convenience…

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