Alexis Bellino Reveals Why She Decided To Return To RHOC Season 8!


As you know, Alexis Bellino will be returning for Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, despite announcing she would be leaving the show right before production began. Now, Alexis is speaking out on what made her decide to return to the show for another Season. “Coming back was me saying, ‘I’m not allowing these women to scare me off the show’,” she told Us Weekly. “The producers asked me to reconsider. I had such a rough season, but what kind of message does quitting send my children?”

“Things are different, alliances change,” Alexis said. “But I won’t know everything until the season airs, and I see what people said behind my back!”

Alexis also seems ready to address some of the allegations against her in Season 7. “What’s aggravating is all the girls sit around talking about their $300 flip-flops, no one calls them out on it,” she explains. “I’m choosing my words carefully. I don’t say private jet instead of airplane.”

Are YOU glad Alexis is returning to RHOC?

Photo Credit: Bravo