Alexis Bellino Responds To Tamra Judge’s Apology


Tamra Judge recently apologized to her former Real Housewives of Orange County cast mate Alexis Bellino after she felt ganged up on by the Housewives on a trip to Bali.

Tamra wrote in her blog, “I want to publicly apologize to Alexis for being any part of that night. I had no idea how bad it hurt to have so many people coming at you like that while being so far from home. But now I do and have learned so much. Like that saying goes… ‘karma is a bitch!’”

So did Alexis accept Tamra’s apology?

“Thank you for your apology, Tamra. I forgave you long ago,” Alexis told RumorFix. “Next time maybe pick up the phone instead of doing it publicly, which feels more for attention than sincerity.”

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22 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Responds To Tamra Judge’s Apology”

    1. Well CEEBEE, Alexis said she forgave her a long time ago. Being a good Christian doesn’t mean you have to be a FOOL!!!!

      1. Yeah, I know what it means. But she should have stopped with ” I forgave you long ago”. The rest of the comment negated the “forgiveness” part.

  1. I don’t blame Alexis for her response. It was disingenuous. Would Tamra need to get hit by a truck to understand it hurts when that happens?

    1. Lizzie mentions it on one of her pages about Alexis being called Jesus jugs . They did Alexis terrible and she forgave trashy tamra bk then.

  2. That face Tamra is making is painful. Is a side effect of massive fillers and Botox not being able to smile like a normal person?!

    1. I say dump Heather and Tamra but please no Alexis. She was nice and all but I can’t stand people who flaunt fake wealth. The only time it’s ok to pretend to be something you’re not is if you’re going to be in a new remake of “keeping up appearances”. Other than that it’s just sad and pathetic to think no one sees the truth. You know my sister Violet. The one with the big house and room for a pony.

  3. Well Trampra, karma’s only a bitch if you are. You got what you deserved. And Alexis may not be the brightest bulb and think what you want about her husband, but her response was freaking BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Absolutely. I guess Alexis is tired of it as trashy tamra asked the same that season they got rid of Alexis and she forgave then.

  4. Alexis, what’s the harm in taking the apology and not criticizing it for being public? Maybe I’m kray kray like Tamra but I would do it publicly to show everyone that I had recognized the error of my ways, including the person whom was offended. #unecessarydig

    1. Alexis told her the season she left she forgave her. That was how many seasons ago? Now trashy tamra does it again? Why? Alexis was beautiful. She held Gretchen’s bk. then tamra fakes a friendship with Gretchen and Gretchen eat it up. Alexis forgave trashy tamra that season. Now again. I guess that’s why Alexis said that.

  5. Trashy tamra and Eddie, heather n terry make me sick . And Alexis was beautiful. Bet trashy tamra got all the girls hating on her like they tried Shannon. I watched bk then and I. Think vicki was in on that deal and trashy tamra.

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