Alexis Bellino & Gretchen Rossi Twitter Feud Over Accusations Gretchen Bullied Alexis!


Former friends Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino are still feuding and this time it’s not on the set of The Real Housewives of Orange County. They took to Twitter to talk about Alexis’ accusations she was bullied during Season 7 of the show.

Gretchen tweeted, “I agree 100%,” to a fan that wrote, “Alexis really needs to stop using the world bullying! Children are dying due to bullying!”


An Alexis fan replied to Gretchen, saying she wasn’t a good friend to Alexis in Season 7. “You were supposed to be a friend of @AlexisBellino but you stabbed her in the back whens he needed your friendship = a bully,” the viewer wrote.


Alexis replied to the fan and Gretchen, tweeting, “Bully does not = death. Bullying is “intentional act that causes harm to weaker person, may be verbal or nonverbal.”


Gretchen continues to insist she is not a bully. “100% this show is elective and the premise is to have an opinion about the others!,” she tweeted. “Why are you considered weak? You are a grown woman who can stand up for yourself. Not bullying.”

Gretchen also reminded people that this is Reality TV, “STP USING TERM BULLY! UR a reality tv persn wh gets paid 2 act ths way Stop with the victim BS.” Gretchen also thinks Alexis likes the attention she gets from being the victim. “You like the publicity that word gives u,” she wrote.

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19 Replies to “Alexis Bellino & Gretchen Rossi Twitter Feud Over Accusations Gretchen Bullied Alexis!”

  1. Alexis, you are 40 years old. If you can’t defend yourself and chose to cry in a corner that’s YOUR own fault. These woman need to grow up and realize when KIDS are being bullied they’re defenseless and are innocent. I really can’t deal with grown adults acting like victims when, in the first place, Gretchen was trying to give Alexis ADVICE. Jesus Christ, I really hope she doesn’t teach her kids how to cry wolf whenever someone has something negative to say to them.

  2. These are supposed to be grown-ass-women!! Alexis was NOT bullied. These were women calling her out on the content of the things she says. When a person hits 18, they are considered an adult, however that does not always mean that you have the mental capacity of handling adult situations. Gretchen, was calm and delivered her message in a non-threatening way. ALexis sat there as if she were a school child and began to get upset. She should have, especially after all this time, maybe sat back and thought about what the women had to say. Hopefully some day “soon” the adult maturity will catch up to Alexis.

  3. Gretchen – you most certainly bullied Alexis……. You & Tamra look like total fake and frozen….. is that why you feel the need to bully Alexis – you are insecure???

  4. Alexis loves to play the victim, she is very good at it. Y r u on this show, u and ur fake husband and life should have stepped away when u had that chance.
    Ba bye

  5. MKTB, Trixie and Chris,
    You guys are spot on.
    Instead of admitting to her insecurities, Alexis is blaming others for pointing out the office. I would hate to be the teacher at one of her kids school. To Alexis nothing she does is wrong and if you don’t like her, You are a bully.

  6. These women are the botoxed, boob-jobbed, 30 year old female version of lord of the flies. It is bullying, but they all do it. It is disgusting. And they are all guilty.

  7. I don’t care what they call it — gang-up, ambush, intervention,whatever. The point is they criticized and alienated her for a trait that they ALL have. You don’t see Gretchen denying that what she did was a betrayal, do you? Instead, she wants to argue terminology and take focus away from what she participated in. Gretchen have also been called “hypocrite”,”phony”,”pretentious”,”backstabber””gold digger”, yet you don’t see her arguing about those words being used to describe her.

    1. I don’t care what they call it — gang-up, ambush, intervention,whatever. The point is they criticized and alienated her for a trait that they ALL have. ~~~nicely put

  8. Gretchen WAS being a friend and WAS trying to get you to see what the other ladies were saying. You are saying its bullying. YOU have no clue what it feels like to be bullied. You are a woman who is constantly bragging about what you have. People who have, dont brag. If you cant take the truth, then keep your mouth shut and stop bragging.

  9. I guess telling your friend the truth and not telling her she’s perfect at everything she does is considered bullying. *rolls eyes*

  10. gretchen may not have been necessarily a Bully , however she’s a TURNCOAT. Alexis was a good friend to her and as soon as gretchen made up with Tamra she dropped Lex , I can see how Lex felt bullied in a sense.

  11. I think Alexis was bullied.Gretchen keeps saying children are dying.You do not have to be in school, or die, or try to commit sucide.we had a son bullyed when he was younger.Strong man today! Alexis, she is strong and confident.Most these women could not handle what she went through last season.By the end of the season Tamra and Heather will both want to get along with Lex, like Vicki and Lydia.Alexis is a sweetheart and if someone does not want to be her friend.Like Vicki said, there just Jealous!

  12. This is really bothering me Alexis should use the term bullying and let me tell you why… Children watch these shows wether we like it or not these kids see this disgusting behavior and think what these women are doing is ok!!! They in turn go to school and do the same thing.. Even these twitter wars in my eyes is where these kids get it! Adults are suppose to set the example!!!!!!!! I don’t care how
    old u are bullying is every where and its all ages! In my eyes three people ganging up on one person is bullying point blank and the period!

  13. These women are resistant to the word “bully,” they don’t want to be labeled as such because then what they’re doing to their fellow cast member becomes socially unacceptable. They’d have to change their preferred method of communication with Alexis, but worse, they’d have to admit some ugly truths about themselves and their conduct.

    I realized last night while watching Tamra on Watch What Happens Live with Dr. V as a guest as well, that Tamra’s pushback and denial of the bully label was based on her ignorance and being misinformed. Since when was bullying reserved for kids alone or for kids who attempt or are driven to commit suicide? Dr. V corrected Tamra and told her that actions by aggressive individuals that would lead an individual to commit suicide is more of a sociopathy than it is schoolyard “bullying”.

    Some of these women have limited education, they’re scrappy, they’ve learned to survive by going hard at something, bulldozing over individuals and circumstances that get in their way. If they possessed a higher emotional intelligence and had at minimum taken a class in Developmental psychology, Abnormal psychology, or Social psychology they’d begin to understand how their actions are perceived and how they’re guilty of so many offenses.

    Alexis is more than capable of defending herself, that’s not the problem. What is the problem is their vociferous verbal attacks against her. They warm up the group with gossiping about her to set up a tense atmosphere when she does arrive to the events. Then, they exchange looks between them and openly mock her, which then leads to verbal jabs, which they ALL participate in. This leaves Alexis outnumbered and ganged up on. The bullies have set up a social environment that endorses their aggression and hostility, even rewards it with group-think. The tendency to do what is right, and what is decent among a group who justify alienating, scapegoating, ridiculing or confronting a target is rare; it only encourages their deplorable behavior. Bystanders are less likely to intervene because they either conform to the group or they themselves feel threatened by the group, having witnessed what was just done to Alexis.

    As a viewer, I appreciated all the ladies, but what happened at that vacation spot last year, in addition to their continued verbal attacks and derision of Alexis has changed how I perceive namely Gretchen, and decreased my tolerance for Tamra and Heather. They’ve attacked Alexis for irritating behavior. She’s showy and a fake, refusing to admit to financial problems. So what? Big deal. They all individually possess worse traits than Alexis possesses. The only difference is no one is repeatedly pointing out their negative traits because they’re too busy delighting in targeting Alexis.

    1. Refreshingly clear, concise and educated explanation of what I saw with my own eyes. For whatever reason these women give, they “ganged-up on” or “bullied” or whatever-you-want-to-call-it, Alexis. They isolated and humiliated her, then shredded her character in front of everyone. And no one came to her defense. I can’t imagine any one of these commenters’ defending this behavior or blaming Alexis for how she was treated would’ve wanted to be in her shoes. There will always be those who excuse and justify unacceptable, ugly and cruel behavior. Reminds me of the book, “Lord of the Flies.”

      1. From the time we know what is it to have a friend, no one wants to be disliked. It is just a sad feeling, and if they are so mature, and too “mature” to see how very simple it is, then they are just lying to themselves. Everyone in the world wants to be liked. I do feel a little bully going on because they kept it up for the length of an entire season. That was what was childish, and mean.

  14. They are all trying to cover their tracks. We all saw how it went down. If your friends talked to you in this manner every time you were together would you think you we’re being bullied? Would you like it?

  15. I know this is an old page, but I wanted to say that whether or not they “Bullied” her, they certainly ganged up on her. People are always saying “when you need to hear something about yourself, it’s not bullying” But when it’s THEIR TURN, they feel the same way. All of them telling her that at a dinner on vacation. Whatever they want to call it, it was mean. If Wretch was a real friend she would have told her EVERYTHING everyone was saying. Maybe then she wouldn’t have felt so on the spot and would look inside. What she was doing, being proud of the fact that her husband had money might have been a bad characteristic, but it wasn’t done out of cruelty, just ignorance. She very easily might have been able to change that about herself. God, they were at a lovely dinner, and Heather just couldn’t WAIT to tell her how she had seen Jim in the store with his son. Who does she think she is? As far as she knows, Jim might have been telling his son that the reason they weren’t buying them was because they were expensive. And if truly Alexis treated the crew of HW badly, then the crew should have had he guts to tell Alexis that, not go around and bash her. I was just watching the first episode of season 8, and Tamra and Wretch were saying it AGAIN. She FELT bullied. Then at the cut party it starts again. If Tamra didn’t want Alexis there, SHE should have had the guts to say no to Viki. Simple as that. Making a small flaw in someone the talk of the town is just being a bitch!

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