Alexis Bellino & Gretchen Rossi Twitter Feud Over Accusations Gretchen Bullied Alexis!


Former friends Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino are still feuding and this time it’s not on the set of The Real Housewives of Orange County. They took to Twitter to talk about Alexis’ accusations she was bullied during Season 7 of the show.

Gretchen tweeted, “I agree 100%,” to a fan that wrote, “Alexis really needs to stop using the world bullying! Children are dying due to bullying!”


An Alexis fan replied to Gretchen, saying she wasn’t a good friend to Alexis in Season 7. “You were supposed to be a friend of @AlexisBellino but you stabbed her in the back whens he needed your friendship = a bully,” the viewer wrote.


Alexis replied to the fan and Gretchen, tweeting, “Bully does not = death. Bullying is “intentional act that causes harm to weaker person, may be verbal or nonverbal.”


Gretchen continues to insist she is not a bully. “100% this show is elective and the premise is to have an opinion about the others!,” she tweeted. “Why are you considered weak? You are a grown woman who can stand up for yourself. Not bullying.”

Gretchen also reminded people that this is Reality TV, “STP USING TERM BULLY! UR a reality tv persn wh gets paid 2 act ths way Stop with the victim BS.” Gretchen also thinks Alexis likes the attention she gets from being the victim. “You like the publicity that word gives u,” she wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo