Alexis Bellino Explains Why She Came Back To Season 8 Of RHOC!


The fighting on The Real Housewives of Orange County has already taken an ugly turn when Alexis Bellino decided to accept Vicki Gunvalson’s invitation to attend Tamra Barney’s dinner party at CUT Fitness. The night ended with Alexis in tears, and Tamra telling her to “get the f*** out!”

“I definitely regret going to Tamra’s party,” Alexis tells Us Weekly. “Who wouldn’t?!?” Alexis explains she was reluctant to accept the invite. “I went with pure intentions, with the hopes that everyone was ready to move on . . . I just went in open minded, and I got the door shut in my face. Which is okay!”

After having a hard time with the women, including her former BFF, Gretchen Rossi, in Season 7, Alexis talks about why she quit the show. “I really did quit,” she admits. “I had a rough year last season,” she says. “I was just really down and in a sad place.”

So what changed Alexis’ mind? A phone call and her children. “I wanted to show them their mom’s a fighter,” Bellino explained.

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5 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Explains Why She Came Back To Season 8 Of RHOC!”

  1. You wanted to show them you’re a fighter but you cry bully in your little corner. Yeah, that’s gonna show them something positive…

  2. No Alexis mom is not a fighter!! You and loser Jim needed the money, and the attention. THAT’S why you did the show.

  3. Maybe the return of Alexis will show not only her children, but the other women, and perhaps some of the audience, that giving up and retreating to the corner would only confirm the opinions some people feel so passionate about making. Self riteousness is not attractive. Sometimes the wisest thing to do isn’t the easiest thing, and Alexis and her husband do rely on their faith, which is beautiful, and their choice. Having faith doesn’t mean “I think I’m perfect”. Quite the contrary, no matter what your faith, it requires humbling yourself.

    I am sure that as always, everyone will learn something here individually. We are all on our own paths in this life.

    1. Alexis and Jim don’t rely on their faith. They use it as an excuse when they don’t want to do something that would present themselves as being the better

  4. Don’t listen to the haters!! You took the high road girl, I don’t care what ANYONE says, you were ganged up on by all of them at the same time and if that isn’t bullying then what is it?? I think Tamera, Gretchen, and now Heather are all bitches! They come off as goody two shoes and they’re not! They say your always bragging about what you have, putting you down, and look at them!! They are all phony! Heather might not come out and say, I have this and that, but she does subtly, She thinks she is above everyone! Tamera is a psycho biotch, she wants all the attention, hell, she can’t even control her own life or man but wants to control Vicki and your lives. Gretchen is fake, not a true friend, she is a wannabe. They all 3 feed off each other, my mom always said, “Safety comes in numbers”, and it’s true because they all 3 would be chicken shit to have a one on one conversation with you! Who needs friends like that? You stick to your ways girl!! Don’t let them get to you, they are all just jealous because you are a TRUE housewife and they’re not!!!

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