Alexis Bellino Dishes About RHOC On WWHL


Former RHOC star Alexis Bellino appeared on WWHL last night after part two of the reunion aired to catch up with Andy Cohen and answer viewer questions.

First, Andy shared that the email Alexis sent that was read during part one of the reunion regarding Tamra Judge’s baptism was not necessarily meant to be read at the reunion. Cohen asked Bellino what her reaction was to Tamra’s reaction. “I was never trying to judge and I immediately sent a tweet and Instagram to Tamra and everybody saying I’m sorry that it came across judgmental. I was just trying to keep Tamra in the aspect that if you’re going to keep Jesus Christ in the aspect and say that I wanted her to back up her baptism with her actions. That’s all I was trying to say and if it came across wrong, that was my heart.”

Andy revealed that Tamra sent Alexis a friendly text during the reunion after the email was read.

Next, Andy wanted Bellino’s opinion on the drama that has gone on this season:

Does Alexis think Brooks is faking cancer? “Absolutely not.”
What is her opinion on Tamra and Simon’s custody battle? “I wish she’d listen to her daughter. Her daughter is begging to quit bringing it up in the publicity and on TV.”
Is she shocked Shannon took David back? “I think they have a lot of courage to bring it out. I don’t think any of us would know what we would do in that situation.”
What’s her opinion on Meghan King Edmonds? “She’s super entertaining to watch.”

Andy showed a preview for part three of the reunion where Vicki admits she is scared of Brooks and Briana claims she has seen Ayers be physical with her mother. Cohen asks for Alexis’ opinion of the clip. “We are friends with them. I love Vicki dearly, she’s like a sister to me now. I wish everybody would just butt out of their business and the fact if he does have cancer it’s nobody’s business. Let him take it up with the man above.”

What’s the status of Alexis’ friendship with Gretchen Rossi? “She’s been so supportive over this whole email.”

A caller asked Alexis how she feels about Heather talking about money a lot this season when Dubrow has called her pretentious in the past. “Heather always talked about money before they just didn’t play the parts. It is what it is. I got edited that way.”

Photo Credit: Bravo