Alexis Bellino Dishes About RHOC On WWHL


Former RHOC star Alexis Bellino appeared on WWHL last night after part two of the reunion aired to catch up with Andy Cohen and answer viewer questions.

First, Andy shared that the email Alexis sent that was read during part one of the reunion regarding Tamra Judge’s baptism was not necessarily meant to be read at the reunion. Cohen asked Bellino what her reaction was to Tamra’s reaction. “I was never trying to judge and I immediately sent a tweet and Instagram to Tamra and everybody saying I’m sorry that it came across judgmental. I was just trying to keep Tamra in the aspect that if you’re going to keep Jesus Christ in the aspect and say that I wanted her to back up her baptism with her actions. That’s all I was trying to say and if it came across wrong, that was my heart.”

Andy revealed that Tamra sent Alexis a friendly text during the reunion after the email was read.

Next, Andy wanted Bellino’s opinion on the drama that has gone on this season:

Does Alexis think Brooks is faking cancer? “Absolutely not.”
What is her opinion on Tamra and Simon’s custody battle? “I wish she’d listen to her daughter. Her daughter is begging to quit bringing it up in the publicity and on TV.”
Is she shocked Shannon took David back? “I think they have a lot of courage to bring it out. I don’t think any of us would know what we would do in that situation.”
What’s her opinion on Meghan King Edmonds? “She’s super entertaining to watch.”

Andy showed a preview for part three of the reunion where Vicki admits she is scared of Brooks and Briana claims she has seen Ayers be physical with her mother. Cohen asks for Alexis’ opinion of the clip. “We are friends with them. I love Vicki dearly, she’s like a sister to me now. I wish everybody would just butt out of their business and the fact if he does have cancer it’s nobody’s business. Let him take it up with the man above.”

What’s the status of Alexis’ friendship with Gretchen Rossi? “She’s been so supportive over this whole email.”

A caller asked Alexis how she feels about Heather talking about money a lot this season when Dubrow has called her pretentious in the past. “Heather always talked about money before they just didn’t play the parts. It is what it is. I got edited that way.”

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40 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Dishes About RHOC On WWHL”

    1. Yeah, but here’s the big difference between the two…….Heather is the real deal (money) Alexis pretends to have it. That has always grated on my last nerve with her. LOL

      1. Hi Barbara, have money or not why talk about it, both really got on my wick, as you get a bit older you get less tolerant about certain that things, this is one of mine!

        1. I know there is a huge difference between the two, one has it one doesn’t but they both talk incessantly about the cost of everything they own and that’s what I can’t stand! I don’t disagree about jealousy either. I still can’t stand Heather talking continually about the cost of everything in her fourteen bathrooms! Likewise Alexis about her bentleys.

  1. I have to say, I think Alexis acted like the person she is and got beat up for it. I mean they pretty much gave her the hardest time when she talked about money. Now Heather is talking about 14 bathrooms and 650,000 in kitchen cabinets!!! I mean do the cabinets hand you the items inside?? WTH?

    1. I find Meghan entertaining also…. she’s younger than the ladies and is looking at things a bit differetly. When she is old – like Vicki – she may end up just like them…but for the moment she’s doing a great job on the show.

  2. Love Alexis Bellino, did from the start. She was treated badly by Tamara & Heather as we all know. She did not belong with the pack of vultures & so glad she got away from them. She looks gorgeous & I do believe Heather was a bit jealous of her as she thinks she’s all that & more. But to think she thinks Meghan was entertaining? I think she was just being kind & did not want to say what most of us think of camel neck.

    1. I agree. I’d much rather look at her, than fugly face Heather, anyway. I’ve always suspected that Heather was so insanely jealous of Alexis, because Miss Terry is attracted to her, or probably said once, that he prefers tall, busty blondes. Something always seemed “off,” with the amount of vitriol she had towards Alexis.

      1. ITA. Heather was quick to put in her 2 cents about the text. Can’t stand Heather or Tamara. It was even odd that Heather jumped on Vicki about a previous comment about the way Tamara was acting at the sex party. Why didn’t Heather jump Vicki about it when it was said. I think Heather jumped on Vicki last night for show. She did not do it at the time it was happening. It was also very telling when Jim said, “Heather said they can’t show it if you didn’t say it on camera.” Her & Tamara have been trying to act nice, but I don’t buy it for a second. They are backstabbing witches.

        1. Tamara is making a mockery of Christianity. If she was trying to be a better person, she wouldn’t be dressing with a man’s private parts attached to her body & walking around like it was funny. She would at least try to change some of her behavior. I can see why her kids might be upset by the things she does.

          1. Jesus only preached to sinners. She dressed up in a costume to make the cut party memorable, big deal. If she leaves the show, she wants to have a thriving business to take care of her family. She really gets a lot of heat for things she never did, and a lot of making things she did do a lot bigger than they are. She is new in her relationship with God, and when those who have questionable backgrounds find God, it is a relief for them to know God forgives. If she was miss goody two shoes, she wouldn’t need to find Jesus, and, she would never have been on the show for 7 seasons. That is a long run with her “bff” whispering innuendo to anyone who was near, and her ex, Simpleton, that cruel little man spreading lies about her and ruining his own daughter’s trust in her Mom and therefore in a lot of people throughout her life. She has maybe said a few off color things and done some things, but she was a faithful wife to Simpleton and now to Eddie. It’s always annoyed me that Viki has allowed and purposely placed blame for things on Tamra, because after all everyone will believe it. Heather did the same thing with the whole Shannon email, and the BS changing the story of her gossiping to everyone within earshot is continuing on this reunion. I am pleased Tamra has found some peace in God.

    2. I really disliked the way they all treated her, particularly at that first cut fitness party. They just wouldn’t let it go, she kept trying to say she would be happy to speak to any one of them privately, and her sensible, calm tone just made them all angrier, especially Wretch. She kept chiming in as if Alexis had done something awful to her, when the only thing Alexis did was be hurt that Wretch was being wretched. She kept saying, and it just made my blood boil, that she wanted Alexis to recognize that SHE HAD HURT HER! When she did nothing but be honest that Wretch had turned on her. Heather, Wretch and Tamra just kept it up until she was kicked out. Then when she was in the car, Viki was told by Tamra that if she wanted to be effing kicked out too, she could follow her, and she didn’t even go out. Alexis was talked into going by Viki, and Tamra said she could come. Then even Lydia got in there when Alexis was crying, pushing her more. It was not just mean it was cruel. Heather never takes responsibility for ANYTHING SHE EVER DOES. She always gets away with it and she was just as awful as everyone else. At least Tamra is trying to change and admitted that season she was out of line, and continues to be honest about herself. The others are almost hopeless and I have no respect for them at all. I am so glad Alexis and Jim are still married.

  3. I didn’t watch her seasons. But I was gobbsmacked that she didn’t know who Kim Davis was. A lot of people don’t watch the news, but it was everywhere.

  4. She’s an idiot. Who doesn’t know what the phrase “do you support” means in relation to Kim Davis and marriage licenses. Furthermore, she didn’t even know what the story was about and it was ALL OVER THE news for weeks and weeks so she obviously doesn’t read a paper or keep up on national politically motivated and hot-topic headline news. Again, she’s an idiot. “Costa Rica is in Mexico” ring a bell with anyone?

    1. I am not dumb, and I still don’t know who she is. We don’t all watch every part of news, and or follow up on stories to see the outcome. There is an overload of news, important world news, local news, agricultural news, city building news, on and on with stuff that we personally care about and then just gossip news. One could watch and read all day every day and be asked something that they have never heard of. With the world being instantly smaller and being able to find out anything one wants in a moment, we could always just google it if it became important to us. If I need to vote on an issue that has so far been unknown to me, I then study everything pertaining to it. But it would be impossible to know every little bit of newsworthy info at a moments notice.

  5. I want Alexis back on the housewives!!! She’s beautiful, fun, successful…. ditzy – but don’t let that fool you .. She’s one smart lady.

  6. With all due respect, Alexis and her husband are the most materialistic money hungry people. She does not dress like a Christian woman and he does not live like a Christian man. They’re all about “image” and money. So I think Alexis also needs to look in the mirror and LIVE her life in a way that would make her Lord proud. Bikinis, boob jobs, plastic surgery, diamonds, etc., etc., etc. I don’t think so.

  7. She doesn’t dress like a christian woman? It has no bearing on your belief how a person dresses. I assume you think if a woman in a short skirt is raped that it’s her fault bc she dressed that way?

    1. Of course that is wrong. But there are many passages in the Bible that talk of the outward appearance needing to be acceptable. If someone states they are a Christian person, they should do their best to show that to the world. If we dress in a questionable way, and here we have proof she does because some have questioned, then she isn’t setting a very good example for anyone who wants to become a Christian, because, maybe only in that persons mind, it doesn’t make the faith look good. I am just saying that, right or wrong, the way we dress and speak should be with God in mind, never allowing an outsider to say because of that they have given Christian’s a bad name. To look like we have faith outwardly. I like her, to an extent, some of the stuff she did wasn’t cool, but some of the clothes she chose to wear certainly couldn’t be considered modest.

  8. Um, I just have to say it. I watched lexis on WWHL and her lips are different, something is changed around her eyes and her facial muscles appear frozen. She said she has done nothing with face..hmmmmm.

    1. Nothing surgical is what she meant. She admitted to botox and fillers, which give the face that exact appearance that you describe, and the more they use it, the weirder they look. IMO.

  9. I thought Alexis looked better than she ever did on the show. She’s one of the very few whose plastic surgery actually improved her looks (nose job). Now, if she’d just leave her lips alone; they’re still too flappy. But she’s avoided going too blond, heaping eyelash strip on top of eyelash strip, using too much brightly colored makeup, and wearing any of her stoopit clothes. But despite watching her pretty self, all I noticed was how uneducated she seems. Not too bright to start with, she always sounds like she never cleared 9th grade.

    1. I agree. She does speak in a very uneducated manner. The appropriate phrase escapes her most of the time, and she uses very little vocabulary. I have wondered if it is a low IQ, or just that she hasn’t tried to better her knowledge of the English language. I was hoping when I saw the preview, and her choice of that lovely outfit, which I thought looked great, mimicked some growth as an individual also.

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