Alexis Bellino Cuts Her Hair: Gretchen Rossi Insists She’s “Copying!”

Real Housewife of Orange County, Alexis Bellino, decided to chop her hair off yesterday. [GASP] But, cast mate Gretchen Rossi is insisting that Bellino is just a copy cat. Alexis took to Facebook & Twitter to show off her new ‘do, ”The NEW me! I’m SO happy! I’ve wanted to do this cut for over a year and after last season nothing scares me! Ha!,” she wrote. Not everyone was happy for Alexis though, Gretchen tweeted some “copy cat” insinuations. As you can see below.

Alexis laughed off her former BFF’s tweets by joking around how her husband Jim Bellino wanted her to cut it even shorter!

Ohh ladies. This much drama and you’re not even filming?! At least save the good stuff for us! Haha!

What do you think of Alexis’ new hair? Do you think she copied?

Photo Credit: Facebook/Twitter


3 Replies to “Alexis Bellino Cuts Her Hair: Gretchen Rossi Insists She’s “Copying!””

  1. Gretchen’s hair looks the same and who would want to copy it? So Gretchen thinks everyone who cuts their hair is copying her? I can’t stand Gretchen or her hair. Or her disgusting boyfriend, Slade, for that matter. Why do we have to see him at all?That wing she has going across the front in one big chunk is so 80’s. I absolutely LOVE Alexis’s hair. So hip and cute! Gretchen is a retchin. Take some pointers from Alexis,….. Gretchen, you phony, stuck up bitch. No one wonder you and Tamra are friends. You both are nasty.

  2. I like Gretchen — but their hairstyles are nothing alike. I love Alexis’ cut. I wish I could wear my hear like that. I think it’s classy, sexy & sassy. I love it!

  3. As I mentioned elsewhere, Alexis’ hair is nothing like Gretches, that is laughable. I agree with the above, Alexis’ hair looks awesome, so beautiful on her and more natural than that tacky, straw yellow, barbie set hair that Gretch and several of her cast mates have. It was brave to make such a radical change, well done! You stood out at the ski trip table in the restaurant because your hair and total look was interesting, edgy, stylish, cute and sophisticated! Great decision Alexis it goes with the new you, liking it! You have emerged so much stronger and attractive as a person, keep up the transformation, hope to see more of you in acting roles, you would make a terrific model too!

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