Alexis Bellino Clears Up Malibu Country Conflict!


Alexis Bellino is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain that she was not saying she was offered Heather Dubrow’s role on Malibu Country. Alexis insists she is very happy for Heather and she was only trying to relate to her. Alexis says she and Jim went and watched Heather tape the show and she did a fabulous job, she explains it was just a misunderstanding!

Alexis writes, “When I found out Heather was only making the trip for six hours, I was impressed! It wasn’t the easiest trip considering we had to drive to LA, fly 6 hours and go through customs, etc. When we got on the bus to ride to the hotel and I found out the reason Heather was leaving was for a role on Reba McEntire’s show, I was happy for her! I did not know anything about Gretchen getting a phone call from Reba’s agent, and I didn’t know that Gretchen and Heather were already arguing about this. Remember I couldn’t stay for Tamra’s dress shopping dinner, which is where all of this news was delivered. Although it seemed like I knew they were all having a conversation about it, I can assure you I did not hear it.

So when I say that I received a call from Reba’s agent too, I was not insinuating it was for Heather’s role, I was simply relating to her. It makes me sad that we cannot have a genuine excitement for each other without jealousies being involved.  My timing may have been off, but my intentions were not malicious. The first thing I said to Heather when I heard she was leaving early because of her part on the Reba show was that it was exciting and I offered her my congratulations. I also explained that I never was OFFERED a role, Reba’s agent simply asked if I was available at that time and I was not. I was excited for her role and Jim and I watched her play her part. She did it beautifully.”

Photo Credit: Bravo