Alexis And Jim Bellino Being Sued Over Allegations Their Trampoline Park Is Unsafe


Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino is involved in a new lawsuit that claims she has been running an unsafe indoor trampoline park with her husband Jim.

In a complaint filed in Orange County, a woman named Tisha Harman named Alexis and her husband Jim as co-defendants in a lawsuit alleging that their business, Sky Zone, is unsafe. Harman is claiming that she sustained injuries due to negligence on the part of Jim and Alexis. She says that she was injured when her foot got caught under protective padding at the edge of a trampoline. She says that her injuries could have been prevented had there been proper training for staff and patrons, reasonable safety precautions, and adequate warnings of danger. Furthermore, she claims that the Bellinos did not prevent the park from getting over-crowded, and had defective equipment and improper padding, RadarOnline reports.

She is seeking monetary damages for hospital and medical bills, lost wages, and inability to earn future wages.

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6 Replies to “Alexis And Jim Bellino Being Sued Over Allegations Their Trampoline Park Is Unsafe”

  1. Injuries are gonna happen in the trampoline biz. Some are legit, some are looking to hit the lotto. But that’s why they make you watch a video and read/sign off on 10 pages of info before they let you in. Who knows how this one will go.

  2. It is a franchised company who have paid big lawyers to make releases you sign to protect owners. I’m so over frivolous law suits.

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