Alexia Echevarria’s Sons Write And Record Rap Song


On this week of The Real Housewives of Miami we learned that Alexia Echevarria’s two sons, Peter and Frankie, enjoy music and they were shown in a recording studio making a rap song. While Alexia was shocked at explicit lyrics of the song, she was grateful to see her sons bonding. Peter got involved in music after Frankie’s accident, and now that Frankie has healed he joins is brother in the studio. Watch below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Alexia Echevarria’s Sons Write And Record Rap Song”

    1. Yes!! I like Alexia but she needs some parenting advice. These boys are gonna run wild and then she’ll be crying that she tried her best.

  1. I like Alexia, but I think she needs some parenting advice. The boys have been running wild and will continue to do so. Children need structure and guidence. Sometimes you can’t be your child’s friend you need to be a parent. Poor Alexia, this will not be the end of her troubles.

  2. Alexia was busying bagging the ugly rich old man to shovel the money to kids that might have been productive and destroyed them. Total Miami thing. These Mothers keep the kids so loaded with privilege and money hoping they don’t notice Mom is with an ugly old man for his money. Alexia, not Lea, has done her best work on her back and she has the brats to prove it.

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