Alexia Echevarria vs. Karent Sierra On Twitter!

During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, Alexia Echevarria and Karent Sierra were tweeting back and forth while the scene of their fight aired. Adriana decided to confront Karent at Alexia’s Venue party for her need to “always be in the limelight.” When Alexia sees Adriana getting upset she joins in on the conversation. “You have to earn your place,” Alexia tells the new girl, Karent. When Karent tries to explain herself and brings up the fact she prayed for Alexia’s son – Alexia gets furious and kicks her out.  Karent graciously kisses the other women goodbye and leaves the party.

When Karent said on the show she always had considered Alexia a friend. Alexia tweeted, “@karentsierra YOU Have NEVER been my friend!” Karent replied tweeting, “@AlexiaE_Says You can believe whatever you like, you always do… God bless you because you need a lot of prayers.”

Tell Us- Whose side are you on?

Photo Credits: Bravo/Twitter



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  • Smile with Zenitude

    Karent has a habit if being in everyone’s business, convenianty disrupting the peace and walking away as if the disastrous end result had nothing to do with her desperate attempt for attention. Let’s face it, she is a Dr but definitely not the international angelic and talented beauty that she tries to present herself to be.
    Her whole reason for being on the show us because she sold a story that Bravo ate for breakfast. lunch and dinner about having deep ties to latin actors and her so called A list of patients. She’s a Fraud, guys!
    Bring in a Real Mami Housewife with passion and a pulse for this city.
    Loretta Castellanos,
    Owner of Smile with Zenitude in Key Biscayne, Fl

  • Loretta Castellanos

    On a side note, if Bravo would add spanish subtitles
    the show would be watched nationwide by a higher percentage
    of fans.
    Many cities in the US have a large population of Hispanic people.
    This suggestion should be considered for the upcoming RHOM, if
    there is a third season.