Alexia Echevarria On Why She Returned To RHOM


Alexia Echevarria returned to season 3 of The Real Housewives of Miami as a full-time cast member, and in a new interview with The Examiner she says she is “very excited” about her return and calls the new season “heartfelt…surprising…and explosive.” She tells the site, “I felt like I needed to come back and tell my story and I’m thankful that I am able to participate full-time again. I wasn’t ready to participate due to what I was dealing with, and I felt like that part of my life was kind of untold, and yes, there were bits and pieces that viewers got to see, and I feel like this season I was able to come back strong.”

“I feel like season 3 digs more into our characters and who we really are, in the past it may have been more superficial, but things take time,” she says. “For starters we have fewer girls on the show this year, so we will get more camera time and by that the viewers will get to see who we really are.”

“I think every season that the relationships change within the group…,” Alexia explains. “I’m like the friendly one of the group. I have so much going on in my personal life, so my drama is a little different from what they go through.”

“I truly get along with all of them,” Alexia says of her cast mates. “I really like Joanna [Krupa] and Lisa [Hochstein] and I’m getting to know them better, and it has been fun.”

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