Alexia Echevarria Discusses Her Relationship With Her Son Peter Rosello


Alexia Echevarria is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss why the moment at the Venue photo shoot with her son Peter was a turning point in their relationship. Alexia explains Peter is still a work in progress, but shares they are communicating and what steps she took to discipline him.

Alexia writes, “This incident at the shoot was the turning point for Peter and for me. For Peter, because he realized he needed to take control of his life and his behavior. In one second because of a bad decision, he could be in jail or even worse dead. For me because I realized that Peter needed help desperately. Things were a lot worse than what I thought they were.

What you are all seeing is the aftermath of a family that goes through a tragedy as severe as ours. When something like that happens, your whole family falls apart, and that’s what was happening to mine. I’ve basically had to recover both of my boys — Frankie and Peter. I admit I was so involved and focused and determined to recover Frankie that I lost Peter. Peter himself was lost in his grief and didn’t know how to cope with his pain. He was angry — angry with the world and with life because it had not turned out like he wanted. First, not being able to play professional sports (he had 3 major surgeries on his shoulder) and then almost losing his brother. In addition to that, there are the challenges of being an adolescent boy and pressure that comes with it.

I decided I was taking control of him and his life MY WAY, just like my Cuban father would have done. Just like I saved Frankie, I needed to save Peter. I took his car away, money, and most importantly, his friends. It was fine with him, because now he was ready. You sometimes have to hit rock bottom to wake up and react.

He is still a “work in progress” like I’ve said. But the good thing is we are communicating. We can talk now. We got so many things off our chest. I’ve forced myself to talk to him about things in the past that were so hurtful that I never wanted him to know, but I have realized now they were important to speak about and clarify, like his Dad. You can see he has resentment towards me because of that. I’m working on it… We’re working on it. Things today are so much better, and I have faith they will be just fine. I’m not giving up until we get there.”

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3 Replies to “Alexia Echevarria Discusses Her Relationship With Her Son Peter Rosello”

  1. Sometimes you can praise your children so much you can’t see whats standing in front of you! Good luck and hopefully they see for themselves the wrongs they have done!

  2. How old is Peter? She referred to him as an adolescent boy above. WELL THERE’S PROBLEM #1 RIGHT THERE LOL! He probably resents Alexia …..oh nevermind I was going to make a sarcastic comment about growing up to be a drug dealer like his father but I won’t 🙂

  3. your a horrible mother, all you care about is yourself and always have. You make it seem to the public your life is about your kids, its all about you and the people your surround yourself with not to mention married to a man for money. your pathetic

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