Alex McCord Slams Jill Zarin’s Claim Mario Singer Came On To Her


After former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin came forward claiming Ramona Singer’s husband, Mario, hit on her, Alex McCord is speaking out about Jill’s allegations the cast new of Mario’s wandering eye. Alex took to her blog on The Stir to dish her opinion on Jill’s claims. “I don’t buy it for a red hot minute,” she says. “Having known the Singers for six years, Mario is a flirt but all talk and no action!”

“He might flirt with a housewife; he might yell at a housewife. He’s not going to sleep with a housewife, except Ramona,” she insists. “I think Jill is up to her old shenanagins, trying to keep her name in magazines and feeding her irrational hatred of Ramona. Why do this? I’m shaking my head.”

“For years, reality producers are trying to make Mario a Lothario, just like any time you saw ever saw Ramona sip a drink or Kelly roll her eyes or me turn red–any time Mario’s attention was distracted, the producers showed it,” she says “But if all they’ve got is edited clips, they’ve got nothing. If all they’ve got is him flirting with ladies at parties, they’ve got nothing! I’ve flirted with him! It’s all in good fun. It doesn’t mean you’re actually doing anything.”

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5 Replies to “Alex McCord Slams Jill Zarin’s Claim Mario Singer Came On To Her”

  1. I agree with Alex. Of all the HW, I think Jill is the least likely candidate that anyone would want to sleep with. She’s got a big mouth and not very attractive. We all know she can’t stand not being the center of attention.

  2. I agree with Alex McCord and Aunt Bee! If it happened at all, Jill would have blabbed it as soon as it happened in order to have a story-line centered around her. She never had any interesting story-lines, except when she was awful to Bethenny Frankel. Plus, why tell it now other than to heap on so Ramona has a hard time. But, that is Jill’s nature, as she had others heap on Bethenny.

    1. Still better than Jill Zarin. I think wacko Jill just wants publicity so they will ask her back on HWONY–look what she did with the Andy Cohen interview. YUCK

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