Why Did Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen Move to Australia?

RHONY vets Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen shocked fans when they announced they were moving to Australia after they were let go from the show after season four. Now, Alex is explaining the real reason the couple decided to leave the United States.

“Although New York City is sort of the place that I grew up as an adult, I moved here at 23, it’s really important to constantly challenge yourself and broaden your horizons,” Alex told The Daily Dish podcast. “The kids were born here. If you’re born and raised and never leave, then you’re in a bubble. So we kind of got out of it.”

Her sons, Francois and Johan are now 13 and 11. She says Australia is “fantastic” and that they’re now near Simon’s family.

Him: “Mom, your eyelashes are gonna hit me in the face. Get those in check!” Me: LOL.

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So many memories in this park…making a new one today over lunch @simonvankempen @francoisvkempen @johanvankempen

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Alex was also very candid about her friend Bethenny Frankel’s brutal divorce from Jason Hoppy.

“Our marriage secret is, first of all, we came into it as equals, which not everybody else did,” Alex says. “Second, our priority is always each other. I think there’s even a chapter in our book, ‘We Were Here First.’ Before the show, before anything else, we always choose each other over whatever else is happening. I think that’s the secret.”

When speaking of Ramona and Bethenny’s divorces, Alex said, “It’s always sad to see marriages fall apart. Again, I think you need to go into it as equals, which I don’t think was the case with Bethenny and Jason. With Ramona and Mario, that just made me sad, because I just like them both. I don’t know everything that happened in that, but I hope that they can put the bad stuff behind them and find ways to keep on living life.”

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9 Replies to “Why Did Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen Move to Australia?”

  1. They moved way so long ago I nearly forgot she was even part of the franchise! Australia and New Zealand are really popping right now, so if they’ve managed to get in where they fit in and found a more satisfying life for themselves, then I say have at it.

  2. Simon looks better as he ages. To be honest, he used to make me sick. When it would show them getting pedicures, yuuuuk, and messages. It’s just not endearing or flattering. I do hope they are happy, and get everything they work for and want from life. Godspeed Alex and Simon.

    1. After this short visit back to the states, it makes me miss Alex. Not Simon or their kids but it would be nice to have her back for awhile.

  3. The McCord’s moved to Australia because no creature other than a Platypus could Appreciate Simon’s Fashion Sense..

  4. At first I didn’t like Alex but – I watched some of the early seasons over again and found her to be quite funny.

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