Alex McCord Shares Photos Of Her New Australian Home


Last September former RHONY star Alex McCord shared that her family would be moving from Brooklyn to Australia.

“Over the last few years, all of [my husband] Simon’s family have reconvened from as far as Europe to all live within 20 minutes of each other on a collection of beautiful beaches on the north coast of New South Wales,” Alex shared. “We are the last of the family to move back, and it’s time.”

And she recently hosted a family reunion dinner at her new home and shared the photos on Instagram.

“Saturday dinner for the family at our place,” she captioned the photo. “This is why we moved here! 18 (or was it 20, can’t remember) family members eating, swimming and enjoying…”

Check out the photos of Alex’s new home below.

Presenting….our new home! She’s a beautiful old Queenslander and ours for the next year.

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Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


13 Replies to “Alex McCord Shares Photos Of Her New Australian Home”

  1. Alex your house is beautiful. I really think you made the right move. Get away from those catty bitches. I don’t even watch RHW of New York. The arguments are irritating. Love you and your wonderful family ❤

  2. It is so pretty there. Your home looks amazing, and the greatest part if being close to family. This was the best idea to move back, tho I will miss you here. Stay classy and keep us updated.

  3. Looks amazing! I never really liked Alex on the show, but I have really enjoyed hee commentary since she left it. Life looks great down under!

  4. Good for you!!!! Much better that being demeaned in NYC by the crazy women you previously worked with…lol.
    I am glad you two have stuck it out and made a better life for yourselves and your boys.

  5. What a nice bunch of comments. I really enjoy this forum. Thanks for it….Wishing Alex & her family well. Looks like a great place. I am ready to move their myself. The USA is becoming an insane asylum.

  6. It looks wonderful!!
    But what does she mean ‘it’s ours for the next year’? Are they renting?
    Not that it matters, it still looks fab!

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