Alex McCord Reveals Why She Rejected Offer To Appear On Bethenny


As we previously reported, Bethenny Frankel was declined by her former Real Housewives of New York co-stars to appear on her daytime talk show. RadarOnline is reporting Bethenny was so desperate for ratings she offered both Jill Zarin and Alex McCord a $400 paycheck to appear, which they found insulting.

“The show called Alex’s publicist and told them about their grand plan, but said that all they could offer her was $400, which is less than the SAG minimum,” an insider tells Radar. “A reunion of that scale and significance is worth a lot more than pocket change. Alex kindly said no.”

Bethenny was reportedly “stunned” after being rejected. “Bethenny’s bosses suggested she call Jill and Alex personally, but she absolutely refused,” a production insider said.

In a YouTube video Alex confirmed the reports and said the offer was laughable. “I said, ‘Show me the money,’” she said. “Her offer was laughable. It was less than union scale. I would make more money sending one fashion tweet.”

“Also, I am savvy enough to know that unless the show is live, that any promotion I do of my products… will all end up on her cutting room floor,” Alex continued. “So why do it? If there is ever a New York City Housewives reunion, it should be on a grand set, with a big budget, the talent should be paid, it should be beautiful.”

Photo Credit: Bravo