Albie & Lauren Manzo Call Out Dina!

After Dina Manzo returned to The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night, she was tweeting up a storm about Bravo’s editing. To refresh your memory here is what she tweeted while the episode was airing, hmmm this is weird, most of my convo was about T & her brother, giving her advice about them not speaking. But they’ve got them speaking at. at this point….I went to this party on the last day of filming…after the fashion show. I don’t know…I’m so confused…Teresa told me no one was there to support her & they weren’t speaking at that point. No I don’t think T was lying AT ALL, just think this was filmed after the reunion as an extra scene~see how much I didn’t get involved?”

She also continued, “I’m not even going to bother tweeting anymore…I begged them not to be mic’d but was there to support her because she always supports me. I guess it was the fabilini and I got suckered…this whole argument IS laughable to me & silly and very Jr. High & I’ll stick to that. I’m reading your tweets…mixed.No one knows MY whole story & they never will. I keep it quiet & would LOVE for all to get along #thatsall.”

After those tweets were posted, Dina’s niece and nephew, Albie and Lauren Manzo called their aunt out on twitter. Lauren wrote, “This scene is hard for us to watch-NO ONE is forced to film Esp if you aren’t a cast member-you must sign a release to be on the show. Many of our very close fam&friends are always at our filmed events and choose not to film or sign a release because they don’t want to be on.”

While Albie tweeted, “It’s unfortunate, but to some reality is just a technicality. There is no such thing as being forced to film and there is definitely no such thing as being forced to have a conversation on camera. I actually saw Aunt Dina a few weeks ago. Gave her a big hug and talked to her about Lexi and boys ????”

Who’s side are you on? Dina or the Manzo kids?

Photo Credit: Getty Images