Albie & Chris Manzo Opening Up Restaurant!


After promoting their black water BLK on Real Housewives of New Jersey, now the Manzo sons are on to their next business venture. They are going to be opening a new restaraunt in Hoboken, NJ. Housewife Caroline Manzo’s son tell US Weekly that they will be partnering with NYC based restaurateurs to open up a new concept that takes locally produced meats, seafood, produce, beer and wines and brings them together in Little Town, NJ.

“We are excited to team up with Michael and Sean and bring Little Town to Jersey. It’s the perfect synergy for Chris and me,” Albie says. Chris adds, “From the breweries to the farms, our home state has a lot to offer and we think our customers will appreciate us putting a unique spin on local food and drink favorites.”

Congratulations on the boys’ new venture! We wonder if sister Lauren is jealous? We have heard her complain about being in her brothers shadows this season.

What do you think about Albie and Chris’ new restaurant? 

Photo Credit: US Weekly


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