Albert Manzo’s Drastic Weight Loss


Real Housewives of New Jersey hubby, Albert Manzo is still shedding the pounds even after his drastic weight loss in 2010. Albert, who was 298 pounds three years ago was considered morbidly obese, and his doctor told him he had to lose the weight. “His body was starting to fail him,” Caroline said of her husband’s 100 pound weight loss. “He wasn’t feeling well so we went to the doctor.”

Now, it looks like Al has lost even more weight judging by a recent photo Caroline shared on social media.  “I told Al he’s getting too thin – he disagrees – I’m right, he’s wrong,” she wrote. But most of her followers agreed with Al, calling him, “handsome,” “muy guapo,” and a “hottie with a body.”

Photo Credit: Instagram


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  1. I hope that his Gumarr aka his mistress hasn’t been messing around with other men. Because I hate to say this, but he’s getting the AIDS breakdown of the body by losing weight.

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