Albert Manzo Speaks Out About Discrimination Lawsuit

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Caroline Manzo’s husband Albert was hit with a lawsuit last week by a disgruntled former employee who is accusing Manzo and his brother Tommy of discrimination. Lanise Jackson accused the Manzo brothers of making racial slurs towards her and other employees, as well as failing to pay her accrued over-time. Now, Albert Manzo is speaking out about the lawsuit. Albert accuses Lanise of being a “lazy, subpar employee” who is just looking for a payday. He also dismisses her accusations, saying they are “without merit.”

“I’m appalled by the accusations,” Alber told RadarOnline. “Specific to that young lady, I never used that language in front of her. We are a classic melting pot at the Brownstone, and there is no truth to her claims in regards to me.” Albert is so disgusted with Lanise’s claims he announces that he plans to countersue. “She is defaming me, and I plan to sue for slander. She is a lazy individual who wants a big pay day… [But] her claims are without merit, and I look forward to getting this cleared up.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images