Albert Manzo Says Bravo’s Editing Makes Him Look Mean On RHONJ


Many viewers have wondered why Albert Manzo seems so short tempered this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but he’s telling North Jersey it’s Bravo’s editing! Albert told the site in a phone interview that producers “proceed to get you as aggravated as you can get before you get started filming, and then hopefully they try to get a little bit of attitude.”

Manzo recalls a dinner date he had with his wife Caroline where he says it took the valet an hour to get the car, the producers pick the restaurant and they tried to get a rise out of him for good television. “My wife said I looked nasty,” Al says of their dinner date at Bibi’z. “Sometimes, she’ll watch the show, she’ll almost be locked in like a fan.” Then she will complain, “You were mean that day!” Manzo said he replies, “Well, you know, you were there, you know I wasn’t mean.”

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3 Replies to “Albert Manzo Says Bravo’s Editing Makes Him Look Mean On RHONJ”

  1. I think Albert and Caroline and Kathy and Rich have the most NORMAL families of all these reality shows. I like the way they interact with their kids and these children show their parents respect.

  2. He doesn’t seem “mean” he seems unhappy about living in the Apartment. I can’t blame him, I get cranky when I am away from my home too much as well.

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