Was Albert Manzo Abused?


The drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey never stops and new secrets are constantly being revealed. In this week’s episode, the cast went to a group exercise with a man named Wyatt and a horse. Wyatt explained the horse was only there for one reason, “Because he can sense authenticity.” Whether or not each person could get the horse to lift his hoof by being open and authentic helped Wyatt determine was issues that individual might have faced in the past or are facing in the present.

When it was Caroline and her husband Albert’s turn, Wyatt asks Albert what’s his story. “I’ve done very well through extremely adverse circumstances,” Albert says. Wyatt, says to Al, “When I look in your eyes I feel a kinship. Because I know what’s behind them, I think. It feels like I do. Can I ask you something? Were you abused? I’m not talking about… I’m talking about emotionally.”

“Um, some people would say so,” Albert reveals. “Clinically I would say yes.”

“Al had a rough childhood,” Caroline says in her interview. “A very strict, very demanding father. Sometimes the things he did were extreme. So when Al opened up to Wyatt I was genuinely surprised. He doesn’t do that with a lot of people.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo