Adrienne Says Lisa Should Move On & Brandi Should Lighten Up!

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Adrienne Maloof is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her meeting with Lisa Vanderpump and her encounter with Brandi Glanville at dinner in Ojai. She writes that she’s apologized several times to Lisa, and it’s time to move on. She also writes that she thinks Brandi needs to lighten up and get the chip off her shoulder! Read what else Adrienne had to say below!

Adrienne writes, “I asked Lisa to meet me so we could settle our issue once and for all. Of course I am sorry for saying something that upset her; but we’ve both said hurtful things to each other in the past. Friendships aren’t perfect and people make mistakes.

I don’t know how many different ways a person can apologize. For the record, several apologies have now been said, an extremely large floral arrangement has been sent and it’s really time for us to move on. There are more important things in life to worry about — the whole thing has been a little bit high school-ish in my opinion. Regardless I am moving forward with my life in a positive direction and I hope my friendship with Lisa moves forward in a positive direction as well.

Kim organized a girls’ weekend in Ojai, and we all came to show our support for her. I really admire her strength in confronting her problems head on.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get through dinner without Brandi overreacting. Kim is a good friend and of course when you see a friend crying it’s normal to ask if they are “OK.”

For Brandi to react the way she did is just ridiculous; she is way too quick to attack and judge. Come on Brandi, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, it’s time to lighten up!”

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Photo Credit: Bravo