Adrienne Maloof’s Alleged Surrogacy & Why She Can’t Discuss Anything Yet!

Adrienne Maloof

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof has had a rocky year. After her nasty divorce with Paul Nassif, involving verbal and physical abuse allegations, custody battles, and more, she is now dealing with the drama coming from the show. Her co-star Brandi Glanville said something about Adrienne’s family that Bravo had to mute out for reasons involving litigation and privacy. I’m sure you know all of this by now, but if you need to be filled in, click the links above to read more. Even though Bravo muted out what Brandi said, the press released Adrienne’s secrets anyway. Brandi allegedly said Adrienne used a surrogate to carry her children, instead of carrying her boys herself, like Adrienne has claimed on the show.

A rep for Adrienne is speaking out about the issue on RHOBH to Life & Style. Adrienne’s rep says, “Brandi has tried to go into Adrienne’s deepest, most personal information and Adrienne is livid about it,” Adrienne’s rep tells Life & Style. “These are the most intimate decisions that a family makes and they have the right to live in privacy as a family. Adrienne feels it’s her right to discuss her kids on her timetable. She is shocked that Brandi as a mom would do something this reprehensible.”

Adrienne told viewers she couldn’t address the alleged surrogacy issues, because of ongoing litigation with Paul. “Unfortunately, because Paul and I are still going through a divorce, we are under a stipulation from the court and we can’t speak about our children or our family at this moment,” Adrienne explained in her Bravo Blog. “But, I am focused on rising above, staying positive, and giving back this season.”

I’m definitely curious to see what Adrienne will say when she is able to speak about it.

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2 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof’s Alleged Surrogacy & Why She Can’t Discuss Anything Yet!”

  1. I think Adrienne’s full of shit. Wasn’t the divorce settled already? I never realized what a controlling idiot Adrienne is, and she used to be my favorite housewife. Adrienne Maloof is to RHOBH what Teresa Giudice is RHONJ. Gimme a break, another airhead.

  2. “they have the right to live in privacy as a family. ” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

    Says the woman who is suddenly leaking to the tabloids that the father of her children beat her.

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