Adrienne Maloof Thanks Mauricio Umansky For Defending Her To Brandi Glanville! Says Brandi Hasn’t Apologized To Her Directly!

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof may have been MIA on this week’s episode of RHOBH, but she was certainly a topic of conversation. Adrienne is taking to her Bravo Blog to thank Mauricio for defending her to the group and to Brandi Glanville. Adrienne says Mauricio is a man of integrity and compares him to her father.

Adrienne writes, “I want to sincerely thank Mauricio for stepping in on my behalf. I admire his sensibility and his level headedness. Mauricio has always been a gentleman and the voice of reason amongst the husbands.

I’ve heard from others that Brandi is sorry for what she said, but I have yet to hear it from her directly. If anyone should be upset in this situation, it should be me.

During this episode, I was in New York on business and once again, all of the talking went on behind my back. . .it’s hurtful.

Mauricio thank you so much for having my back. . .Like my father, you are man of integrity.”

Photo Credit: Bravo