Adrienne Maloof Alleged Surrogacy Outed By Bravo Cameras!

Adrienne Maloof

Viewers have been wondering what Brandi Glanville said about Adrienne Maloof for weeks now. We exclusively reported that Brandi revealed details about Paul & Adrienne having an open marriage, and that Adrienne allegedly used a surrogate to carry her children. Now, you don’t just have to rely on our sources, you can watch it with your own eyes…

In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Bravo cameras catch Kyle Richards saying, “It’s not about the surrogacy,” to someone across the room (that is sitting in Brandi’s direction) while the others continue to argue around her. There are several conversations going on at the same time, so pay close attention to Kyle around the 7 second mark in the second video. Due to editing, it helps any confusion if you watch Part 1, and then Part 2 so you can see where everyone is sitting and what conversations are going on in the background. If you look past the editing you will see that Taylor’s conversation with Camille is going on at the same time Mauricio and Brandi are fighting in Parts 1 and 2.

Part 1:

Part 2:

When Kyle says it’s “NOT about the surrogacy,” it appears she is involved in the argument between Mauricio and Brandi, which gets edited out. The person Kyle is saying this to thinks the fight is about Brandi outing Adrienne’s alleged surrogacy, what Kyle means is they aren’t discussing that topic during the argument.

What the camera is showing us is Taylor talking to Camille about how much she’s been through, and Yolanda calling Taylor out. Yolanda tells Taylor she’s talking “nonsense” while Kyle is talking about the argument to someone we can’t see. It appears she’s talking to Brandi, because Lisa and Ken are sitting on the same side of the restaurant as Kyle and Mauricio, while Brandi is across the room with Taylor and Camille.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Lisa Lisa

    Wow – great catch. I wonder if Bravo is going to edit that before it airs. Clearly the surrogacy is definitely part of this debate. But what is this nonsense about character assassination and defamation of character. How is that defamatory or a question of character? It’s either a fact or it isn’t. On the other hand, calling her a bad mom and a pill popper are most definitely both those things and claiming that someone sells stories when they don’t is both of those things!

    I really feel this is made up drama. Clearly there is no legal case when someone says something that is the truth and when it was never aired anyway.

    So Bravo put the kabash on airing something so personal but they didn’t hold back for Tre and her husband, instead airing it over and over and replaying again at the reunion. Bravo is disgusting.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I was referring to the one sided phone conversation with Juicy Joe in Napa. That was very, very hurtful and personal; yet they aired it again and again.

  • DrewHamilton

    Adrienne and Paul involved their legal team which prevents Bravo from airing the footage. Teresa and Joe did not. There’s your answer.

  • Pam

    So Adrienne and Paul were faking the marriage for the cameras. If it was such a huge secret the. Why did they all know ? It was very clear that there marriage was over and they got caught and ran to the attorneys as snotty rich people do. Maybe the thought of losing The Palms make rich people do strange things. You are on a reality show, it was bond to come out.

  • DrewHamilton

    I don’t think Adrienne and Paul were faking their marriage. They supposedly had an OPEN MARRIAGE. There’s a difference.

  • Lori-Anne

    They both are FAKE people I’m Happy they are gone, Bye-Bye !!!!