Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof Speaks Out For The First Time!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had their Season 3 premiere party last night at The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. For the first time Adrienne Maloof had a chance to speak about her nasty public divorce with Paul Nassif. Adrienne was reportedly in good spirits at the premiere, despite all the things going on in the media, and the recent shocking photos of her being released.

“Obviously I’m going through a difficult time and I hope to focus on what’s important to me and that’s my children,” Adrienne tells Access Hollywood at the premiere party.

We will be seeing Adrienne’s marriage to Paul Nassif crumble on Season 3, and as far as regretting letting the cameras catch it, Adrienne says, “I have no regrets for doing the show. I think it’s an amazing platform,” she explains. “Obviously it’s difficult at times, but overall they’ve been very respectful with… my private life.”

In the end she says, “I’m a very strong woman, I’ll get through it.”

Photo Credit: Splash News

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