Adrienne Maloof Speaks Out About Divorce & The Photos Released!

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Adrienne Maloof is speaking out about her divorce! In this interview with Mario Lopez on Extra, she discusses what led to the demise of her marriage to Paul Nassif. She says the “stress” finally caught up to the couple, and that was their breaking point. She explains that the pressure of the media and the pressure of the show also had an impact on their marriage. Adrienne doesn’t blame the show for her failed marriage, she clarifies that these were factors that had been in her marriage for quite some time.

As far as the photos of a beaten Adrienne that were released? She explains the pictures were part of a deposition, and she had no idea they were being released. She goes on to say she never wanted her divorce to be public. When Mario asks Adrienne what happened? She explains she’s under a gag order and she can’t say anything regarding the photos or claims of abuse.

Mario goes on to ask Adrienne if Paul is a good father. After a long pause she finally answers that he is a good father, however, there are issues with his temper. She goes on to say that she prays they can co-parent together and both get in to therapy for the sake of their boys.

Will Adrienne be dating anytime soon? Not likely. She reveals that her focus is on her children, moving in to her new home, and new beginnings. You can watch the interview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: Extra


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  1. I think its sad too, they seemed happy on camera, but you could tell something was wrong with they way the would banter with each other…pictures say a thousand words, she was smart taking them if she had planned to leave paul….abused women are was hear ”He is such a nice guy.” Thats why people don’t belive them when they finely reveal the abuse..(remember tayor’s situation)…..Paul needs anger management. Both of them need to remember your kids are watching you and learn what they see..I am one of those kids that grew up in and abusive house hold, watched my mother being beat, for 16yrs, and being beat along with my brothers..They both chose not to have kids because of the way where raised…..;-(

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