Adrienne Maloof Shocked By Andy Cohen’s Behavior!

Adrienne Maloof

As we previously reported, Bravo exec Andy Cohen did not have nice things to say about Adrienne Maloof not attending The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion taping, and now a source tells Radar exactly why Adrienne didn’t fulfill her final duty as a Housewife, and also explains Adrienne feels Andy Cohen was very unprofessional when he publicly slammed her.

“Adrienne isn’t shocked by Andy’s behavior but she is disappointed by his comments,” a source tells Radar. “She knew she would have been thrown to the wolves though if she had gone to the taping, and quite frankly she is through with dealing with all the non stop drama and verbal assaults. Brandi and Lisa were both telling producers before the taping that they were looking forward to pouncing on Adrienne. She heard about it and decided there was no way she was going to let those b****es come after her like that.”

“Adrienne is focusing on the positives in her life right now,” the source says. “She is dedicated to her three sons and is having a blast with [boyfriend, Sean Stewart]. Adrienne has been approached to do another reality show about her family business [Adrienne and her brothers own the Palms Casino in Las Vegas] — but, if she does decide to go back to reality TV she will be a  lot more cautious next time — she will insist on having an executive producer role so she can control how it’s done.”

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25 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Shocked By Andy Cohen’s Behavior!”

  1. Adrienne Maloof is a coward…period…. She does not need to return to reality television because no one is interested in watching here act like a controllin b**** or hearing her croak out “somobody’s cry-ing”…ever again. The End.

  2. What idiot network is going to green light a project featuring an “owner” of a casino that doesn’t really own it, that can only do a “reality” show if she’s got the authority to manipulate the reality right out of it, and that’s entire dialogue is made up of the same twenty words delivered in a boring drone? Her Q factor appeal is zero.

  3. Well maybe, Adrienne, if you weren’t such a crybaby or a coward he wouldn’t have made such comments! Learn to take responsibility for YOUR own actions! Stop blaming everybody else. I am so sick of this woman crying and whining all the time! UGH!!

    1. MK, I wish the kids had not have been brought in on it. I don’t blame Adrienne for not showing for the reunion. They were going to kick her while she was down. No chance for her. It is just my opinion. Adrienne did stand by the other women when they were down. I like Adrienne and I like Paul. But even Andy was prepared to kick Adrienne further down. She would have no chance against them. But I would never have my kids involved and look who blabbed.

  4. Bernie sure gave a dated interview to Radar, speaking about Sean Stewart, and about the Maloofs owning the Palms…since they couldn’t keep that place up. She just needs to walk away & be forgotten about. No one cares.

  5. She means have a executive producer role so she can edit out the parts where she shows her true colours and make her look bad! Adrienne is a coward!

  6. I think Adrienne is showing a great deal of maturity by walking away and not allowing herself to be further humiliated by a roomful of childish women who act like junior high girls. I have stopped watching because Brandi has done nothing but cause problems and drag everyone else down with her. Pathetic and sad that anyone would believe her, join her or allow themselves to be drug to her level.


    1. I agree with you Pam. Looks like we are the only ones feeling this way. Lol. I like Adrienne. And I like Paul. But Bernie was not very loyal was he? Anything for money. I do not blame Adrienne for not showing. Not only did the women have it in for her but Andy did too. I would like to see what Andy would do in that situation. And bringing up the kids was uncalled for. We do not know what happened behind closed doors but Adrienne did hold up for the women when they were down . It is true, who kicks people when they are down? Seems that happens a lot to people. I like Adrienne and I like Paul. But Bernie is a bad man. Who would allow Bernie to work for them now? I did think he was funny about Lisa and Ken and the dog though. Lol. Wish it had never been brought up about the kids. Not right to bring kids into it. Brandie is almost as trashy as Tamra on the OC. I can also see bad points in Lisa and Ken now too. I am tired of Kim, seems she has nothing to bring to the show. Kyle too. Run my mouth too much, but if I remember right, when I first starting watching housewives, they were higher classed, gated communities, glamour housewives and now some aren’t even housewives. Plus trashy people including the men. Not all of them some of them.did you all read Ellen’s artical about how Bravo and Rosie pushed her for a story line? And said they keep the booze so they will drink.

  7. Who cares what Bernie has to say this situation? I’m just glad she’s finally gone, wish she would take the trolls Marisa and Faye with her.

    1. I thought Faye was Kyles sidekick. Wish the shows were still real housewives. And not the trash. A lot of the ones on now are not even housewives. A difference of opinion, but I like Adrienne and I like Paul. Who would hire Bernie now? Wish the kids had not been brought into this. Paul or Adrienne did not want the kids brought in on it. That is low.

  8. So…she can publicly slam Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda…but Andy can’t tell it like it is?
    She won’t get another TV deal because she’s what? BORING. All she has is money. No husband, no love in her life, the kids will fulfill her-but not for long. She has nothing good in her life. I am SO sick of people like her getting off easy. No. She DESERVED every ounce of backlash she’s receiving-that editing to delete the comment Brandi made costs A LOT of money but she went and told a magazine that it was the truth. Andy and Bravo have the right to be pissed off with her. Goodbye, Adrienne. Can’t miss you if you don’t leave, and Lord knows I won’t when you’re gone!!!!!

  9. Yes she is boring. Her husband was the best thing that ever happened to her and she considered herself to be above him. I don’t blame him for acting silly, and reaching out to others for SOME SORT OF CONNECTION because this woman was cold as ice; and she called him “pathetic” for what she described as his “looking for attention” when he got silly at her superfun “ZING party. Poor man.

    It looked like he really loved her, too.

    “Croak”….lol…love it!

  10. Anything that Andy can’t control, he will dog! Anyone that had ever been through a divorce know how exhausting & emotional it can be! Thank God nobody made any gay slurrs because Andy’s head would have spun around til it popped off cuz that’s where his heart is really at! Faye had way too much to say for someone who’s supposed best friend had been gutted to death & she couldn’t wait to profit from it by being spread eagle all over a magazine! See, there was a lot of other things to talk about!

  11. So wait a minute– at last year’s reunion, she had no issue being the leader of the group attacking Lisa, but this year she refuses to show up b/c she might be attacked (or really, people would just prove what a liar and a b*tch she really is)? WTF?!?! I’m glad she is off the show b/c what she did this season was disgusting. But I wish she would’ve shown up to the reunion b/c I was really looking forward to Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda having a go at her AND it would’ve been awesome to watch Andy read all of the viewer comments to her.

  12. ^^^This!^^^

    I totally agree with Lem. What a coward! She planned to blindside Lisa at last season’s reunion, and is so entrenched in her delusional double standards she doesn’t think she should have to show up to answer for anything at this reunion? What an entitled, awful, egocentric narcissist! It’s ok for her to chase Taylor and Russell out of Kyle’s party for threatening to sue Camille, but she is entitled to threaten suit against Brandi? Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. She’s awful. She and Faye look like evil ugly sisters–inside and out.

    Anyone else wonder if “Pam” above is Dana Wilkey, a.k.a. Pam (as Kim mistakenly called her last season)? I’d bet a pair of $250K sunglasses that it is. 🙂

    1. Oh, yeah. I agree with everything you said – including that the little bragger is pretending she’s someone else on here.

      1. Oh my! Y’all are killing me. I am Pam – a 46 year old empty nest mom with a husband who works in publishing, and 2 children finishing their freshmen year in college. Oh and I live in the suburbs of Nashville. But as long as you all don’t accuse me of being Brandi then I am fine with it.

        That did make me chuckle. Thanks for the laugh!

        1. Pam – It’s just so hard for us to imagine there could be a second “Pam” that would say that “Adrienne is showing a great deal of maturity” and is somehow different than “childish women…who act like junior high girls.” When?!?! Were you taking a lot of bathroom or kitchen breaks every time Adrienne says something snarky or threatening a huge law suit with that twisted mouth to indicate how clever she thinks she is? Or when she made really horrid allegations about Brandi that we can’t know are true in retaliation? Or when she made a SCENE shouting and storming out of Mauricio’s business event, instead of handling it like a lady, quietly and with dignity? Or when she tells everyone Brandi is a LIAR for something she herself has had to admit was actually the truth? Or when she orchestrated an attack on Lisa at the last reunion for something that turned out to be wrong? It’s not a quality she has that made her walk away, it’s more like her PR people have told her she’s painted herself into a corner, and she’s not smart enough or accurate enough in her allegations to come away looking anything but foolish.

          1. I think in this case I admire anyone who gets up and walks away from this bunch of childish “women”. I’ve seen all of what you’ve seen. I’ve seen everyone pushing everyone’s buttons. I’m not sure I would show up for the reunion because I know it’s going to be more of what we’ve all seen all along. Nothing will be solved by any of that. I think Adrienne has bit the hand that feeds her too many times to count. My point in “admiring” her is merely that she is walking away. Really! Everything that CAN be said HAS been said. Now she needs to shut up and walk away.

            As for Brandi, Lisa and whoever else is gonna pal around with Brandi – there is your bunch of junior high girls. It’s time for Brandi to shut up and move on with her life and get her nose out of EVERONE ELSE’S BUSINESS!

            Hope that helps explain a little more about where I was coming from above.


  13. Adrienne did not show up because her mouth peice could not be there Faye and because poor Paul want be there for her to be a wippong boy. Glad Adrienne is gone hopefully Faye will fly away with her, and if Kyle keeps actting like she does she can fly away with them…..

  14. There it is, the real Adrienne maloof’s. She starts trouble, keeps it fueling, lies about everything but is too much of a woodsy to face the punishment. She’s a coward. & that one comment is exactly her: she wants to control. She will never be a winner & someday her kids will see these eps & see just how badly she acts. So sad.

  15. Again, I bet you this is by the same Radar staff who does all the other articles and who is the “source”? Insult Chef! What an odd relationship them two have.
    Err… didn’t Adrienne and boy toy break up?
    Too bad for Adrienne she will have to wait at least a year.. Not very “business lady” of Adrienne to skip out on reunions, if she tells the truth the. What does she have to worry about! She was okay with setting up a meeting last year to bash Lisa.
    Oh! I should also add it is not very “business like” to mention or:
    •open a restaurant when you don’t know diddly squat about the business. Or is this a case of her “lending” her name. LMAO
    •mention there will be a “celebrity” entrance. First off, lol, when you have an entrance it is meant to be kept quiet. lol what does A feel she needs one? Pardon my use quotes but it is the way I see it. LMAO

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