Adrienne Maloof Shares Her Biggest Regret on RHOBH


Adrienne Maloof appeared as a full-time cast member for three seasons on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and in a new interview she is sharing her biggest regrets while she was on the show.

“There are a lot of positive benefits to the show, but in terms of things that played out that I wish hadn’t — my divorce. It was very difficult, but then I look at it again as the glass half full,” she told the International Business Times. “I inspired women going through a divorce and showed them that they can get through it, so it was worth it.”

Adrienne admits she was hesitant to join the series in the first place. “I was hesitant, as most people are, because I was a businesswoman first. But then I saw the platform — an amazing platform — that Bravo can give your philanthropic work and your business,” she said. “I looked at it as the glass half full and I went into it like that. Was it a difficult show to do? Extremely. It was also great because it allowed me to reach people and give them a voice. It was worth it.”

Do you miss Adrienne on the show?

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45 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Shares Her Biggest Regret on RHOBH”

  1. I don’t miss Adrienne. I don’t consider her divorce to be an inspiration to anyone. It’s easy to walk away from a marriage when you’re worth millions. You don’t have to worry about where and how you’re going to support your kids and where your next meal is coming from. That being said, I don’t like to see anyone’s divorce play out on camera. I thought she was downright nasty to Paul on several occasions. He did act kinda goofy at times.

    Her biggest regret should have been trying to wash a chicken using hand soap.

          1. Love you too Bee, bedding hasn’t arrived so annoying as I don’t want to spoil the good stuff! Missed you sxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Yes! I totally agree. She was always complaining about Paul and criticizing him. She even hated the sound his shoes made, and it never ended. Maybe she married the wrong guy, though they looked so good together…almost related. I thought Adrienne was always a spoiled princess. I doubt anyone will be perfect enough in her eyes. She really should have thought twice before airing her dirty laundry in public, because in the end, I felt sorry for Paul. I think she exaggerates everything. Yes, washing a chicken with hand soap was nuts. She did have a chef, though he was nuts too!

      1. She really was a condescending witch. I agree wholeheartedly, Real Sandy. But then I rarely disagree with you.
        It is so, so good to know Suze is home, isn’t it? God didn’t put restrictions on love. That’s for sure.
        Sometimes I was embarrassed for Paul. Even though I didn’t like him from the very beginning. The way he was always embarrassing her, too, like about not eating. Maybe we only saw her bad side and not as much of his.
        No matter how she had her children, it was none of Brandy’s business. Adrienne brought her to the show and she ruined any chance of ever doing anything worthwhile with her platform. That is the thing that bugs me the most about BG. Not the crude way she speaks, the vulgar way she acts, the slutty way she dresses, the way she embarrasses her kids ( well, that is the highest actually ) But in the long run, so much can be done with the platform. It matters not that it is Housewives, and that reality gets a kind of lowly reputation, the platform is still there. She makes a mockery of every opportunity she is given, and that makes me sick. She makes me sick.

        1. Do you remember when they were on their anniversary hiking in Hawaii. I could see Paul wanting to be romantic and Adrienne pushed him away. He seemed to want to buy her very nice things, and to me, he looked so much in love, but I saw her as ripping him constantly. She just fell out of love. Of course, we did not see them when the cameras were off, but she was emasculating him when they were on. She appeared very controlling.

        2. Yes, it is great that Suze is home. I thought she was still in the hospital on IV antibiotics. It sounds like she is well enough to be released, so that is great news ❤️ 🙂
          It is not the same when she is not here commenting with us, and always sweet when she is here.

  2. Maybe I’m forgetting a season, but wasn’t her divorce only aired for about two episodes when she showed up crying at LVP’s vow renewal? I can’t remember her staying on after that show?
    I cringed at the episodes where she was so hateful to Paul. Maybe that is what she is talking about with her regret.

    1. Yes, just the end of the season. And one of the reasons Lisa turned on Kyle was because Kyle went to her when she came in the housewarming/renewal party. I mean, seriously, what was Kyle supposed to do, ignore her? I think what Lisa said about Kyle and her husbands business was awful. Kyle met Adrienne, Camille, Lisa and many others through Mauricio. When Adrienne came in to the party, was it really bad timing? Yep. Was it to make a show? Yep. But that had nothing to do with the tears, and her true friends, who with Adrienne also, loved her in SPITE of her flaws, going and sitting with her at the party. Naturally Adrienne knew the party was more than a housewarming. That doesn’t change the fact that this is a reality based show, and we watch to see the reality, as far as it goes. Lisa saying shit like Kyle’s only reason for befriending Adrienne was to get the listing on their house was way, way below the belt. Mauricio was already their realtor, and to have Ken jump on and say the relationship between him and Mauricio changed after they sold the house that ended up burning down, well, she is lucky Kyle forgave HER for that. People are always saying Lisa is the one who has all the moxy in that twosome, well I beg to differ. That is the part they actually do keep private. Because I bet money that was spoken about, at length, after Lisa saying all that when she sat with Brandy and Yolanda at the lunch that time. Saying if you want to be friends with Kyle to list your house! Wow! I bet also Lisa did some real apologizing after that. Not the bullshit one she gave Eileen the first time. I am pleased The Agency has done so well despite crap like what Lisa attempted to do, besmirch the ethics of the whole family. I don’t know, honestly, if I would have let that go. Notice nothing like that has ever been said again.

      1. Totally agree 3Ds. Completely tasteless for LVP to attack Mauricio’s integrity for a few mean girl laughs. As far as im concerned she ruined Adrienne’s shoe line as well by calling it the Maloof hoof. In my mind that trashed the brand. I don’t know if LVP ever apologized bc she seems entirely too proud to admit even the tiniest flaw but really both of those things are pretty unforgivable.

    1. That sounds fair Daisy, you were nearly 40 years younger, ok maybe it was a little exaggerated, 17 I just checked! Lol

    2. I always wash meat. Just not with soap, organic notwithstanding. After a little tutorial in a butcher shop, I do a more thorough job than I did before that. I have to say, washing a twenty pound turkey is quite the job. Once a person sees what washes out, it would be a cold day in hell before they ever stuffed their prize stuffing in there without washing it!

      1. I agree. I ALWAYS rinse out meat. Fish too. And yes, what comes out of poultry is DISGUSTING. I wouldn’t use dish detergent though.

        1. Yes me too Gigcat and 3D Always wash thoroughly even pieces of chicken that are pre washed! Even pre washed salad I wash! Gigicat I left you a messge on an old thread where you asked if anyone had heard from me. I don’t know if you have seen it. This is me just coming on as I have woken up.

      1. Me too Suze, the way Adrienne treated her husband & was always so short & disrespectful to him made me dislike her more. I felt he deserved better. Suze my sweet, praying you feel better soon.

  3. Suze dish network is out due to more rain. I’m refreshing my memory of her watching past episodes on hulu. She defiantly does have a strong personality

    1. No she didn’t! Her face had so much surgery! Ugh! I watched brief clips but couldn’t b bothered with rest!

      1. Surgery and botox. They all look like a bunch of freaks. I hope Kyle stops before it goes any further. Lisa too. Too late for Brandy and she is younger than Kyle and Adrienne. But then with Brandy, just like Rinna, their rancid insides start coming out the pores and there is NO stopping that once it starts.

  4. I don’t think I said that correctly. She comes across as very bossy and pushy to me. As far as her face goes you are totally right about that

  5. I liked Adrienne. I liked Paul. I didn’t like how Adrienne treated him! No matter what was going on in their private marriage, no need to humiliate your once beloved mate. I thought then as I do now, she was really the only one that could keep Lisa and Ken grounded. She was smart, focused, no nonsense, strong woman but I don’t think she was overly bitchy or petty like all the other ladies (except to poor Paul and probably to anyone who stood in her way). Take no prisoners kinda gal. LOL.

  6. I didn’t like her. She nagged and bitched at Paul NON STOP about every little thing. And divorce isn’t hard when you have millions, so stop whining. Plus, she lied to everyone about being a surrogate. And who the heck doesn’t know how to roast a chicken? She should have been a man.

  7. She is ghastly and ghoulish. Just the product of a rarefied upbringing. If she wasn’t filthy rich she would just be an aging hooker

  8. I would think her biggest regrets would be; getting her (cook) to go after LVP (big mistake), her hideous plastic surgery, she does not even look like the same person, and all that surgery makes her look like a (tranny), also, the awful way she treated her husband on the show…..
    adrienne, you are not even missed…bye girl….stop trying to be relevant….

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