Adrienne Maloof & Sean Stewart Break Up!

Adrienne Maloof, Sean Stewart

Adrienne Maloof has been dating bad boy Sean Stewart for a couple of months after splitting from her husband Paul Nassif. Adrienne and Sean seemed to really enjoy each other’s company and Sean reportedly was introduced to Adrienne’s sons. The couple was photographed several times out in Beverly Hills during some major PDA moments. However, it seems the two have recently broken up. “They’ve decided to distance themselves and become friends. Nothing bad happened,” a source close to Adrienne told Us Weekly. “They’re still going to hang out as friends, they enjoy each other’s company.”

Sean, son of Rod Stewart, was 19 years younger than Adrienne, but Ms. Maloof didn’t seem to care about the age difference. In January she told People, “This started as a business relationship and now were casually dating. It’s casual, real casual.” Adrienne added that Sean was “a lot more mature than a lot of 60-year-olds at this time in his life.”

“She’s not looking to date anybody right now. She’s going to focus on her kids and brands,” her friend tells the mag, insisting, ”They’re still really good friends and they still hang out.”

Are YOU surprised to hear of Adrienne and Sean’s break up?

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6 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof & Sean Stewart Break Up!”

  1. So shocking! (rolling eyes). When their fake romance couldn’t keep her on the show, it’s OVER! This woman is so transparent and pathetic. Can we please be done with her?

  2. Someone tell me: What does Adrienne know about mature behavior? She’s thinks being a stick in the mud bore makes her mature. But that whiny voice, telling everybody they can’t do or say anything she doesn’t like is really childish.

  3. She needs help! Her poor kids, having to go through the divorce with their tv. parents, and then her first fling is with an addict!! Good going Adrienne!! Get it together girl, you need to be strong for your boys!!

  4. Ha! How convenient. She is such a phony…She goes on a reality show, then finds out all her secrets may come out….HELLO??? She really is a joke. She has no personality of her own, if it was not for Paul, she would have just disappeared. This is a 50 yr old woman that cannot cook one thing?? Remember Lisa trying to teach her how to roast a chicken?? Of course she didn’t birth those babies….good riddance!!

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