Adrienne Maloof Robbed Of $10,000 “Priceless” Necklace

Adrienne Maloof

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof revealed that she was robbed of a priceless necklace, TMZ is reporting.

Maloof reveals that “a diamond encrusted necklace that was stolen from her house a while back, possibly during a party at her Beverly Hills mansion.”

Adrienne says the necklace was worth $10,000, but that is not the reason she wants it back. She explains it had a picture of her three sons in it and is hopeful the person will return it.

Photo Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Robbed Of $10,000 “Priceless” Necklace”

  1. Wow. Sad for Adrienne. Obviously the necklace had more sentimental value than monetary or materialistic value. I hope someone gives it back – even if they send via post or something to avoid being caught. Hopefully they do the right thing, I detest thief’s.

  2. I would feel more sorry for Adrienne but she is what is called a KNOWN ASSOCIATE, what that means is she surrounds herself with people known to be of bad character..Bernie her chef or butler that sells lies to the mags to hurt people..Brandi Glanville was one of her friends I dont even need to explain her bad character bloody awful person…known associate of two addicts one she dated and well we know the other, people with substance abuse always have sticky fingers they have to pay for that substance!!..this was stolen from her home so obviously someone she knows, maybe pick better class of people for friends and employees!!!

  3. Ha Lia I say the same…. buy a new necklace and take a new picture. Who gives an F Adrienne is a creepy disgusting woman. What good mother makes a 25 year old her boyfriend and brings him home to meet her children. That’s just so selfish. She is an old lady and she should respect her children enough to stay single until they are all over 18 then you can play pedophile any time you want. This just makes me sick

    1. Melodie I had to look that up with new boyfriend hahaha what is with these crazy old women grabbing boy’s young enough to be there sons hahaha I shouldn’t discriminate because men have been doing it for years…yuk did Adrienne really have to put the crazy sex into the story (dry reaching right now) thanks Melodie because I hadn’t read about that yet..I would say Adrienne and Sonja Morgan would be great mates both crazy sex starved old girls hahaha!!!

  4. Oh and just a P.S for all that want to jump all over my head for discriminating with age my husband is a little younger than me just not enough that I could have breastfed my son and husband at the same time!!!

      1. Melodie you have got me hooked on this story I need to investigate further because I knew she dated Rod stewarts son he is the addict correct?? now this new one is a different man ?? and yes that age difference is to the point of phedaphile just nasty not a good role model..Melodie this seems to be her MO though she hangs with shit and soon you will end up smelling like it..I wonder if it makes her feel better to hang out and be friends with idiots??

    1. I am DYING LAUGHING right now Lia!! I’ve been going back through some of the older blogs and you never fail to make me laugh! I see your name and ALWAYS make sure I stop and read your posts! Love them! Thanks again for the laughs!

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