Is Adrienne Maloof Returning to RHOBH?

After four years, Adrienne Maloof is rejoining the cast of the RHOBH.

“Adrienne is super excited to be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” a production insider revealed to RadarOnline.

So is Adrienne coming back as a full-time or part-time Housewife?

“She’s definitely going to be back on the show” and is said to “still be working out details on the contract,” the source said.

Our insiders tell us that both Adrienne and Camille Grammer have filmed for season 8 and will most likely be part-time.

Are you happy Adrienne and Camille are back?

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I am 30 years-old and a Housewives Superfan! I have watched all of the shows from the beginning and love to write about the ladies in my free time. I am married, a hairstylist by trade, and I'm a dog lover.

  • melodie Phillips

    You mean to tell me that there are not ANY OTHER entitled women in BH that would be a good fit.
    REALLY……. Adrienne is boring and has nothing to give to the show. Once a bitch always a bitch!

    • Pierre

      I agree that she was quite boring… but I never thought she was a bitch?

      • Trout Mouth Kail

        She certainly was a bitch to Paul.

        • Pierre

          You’re right – she was. I completely forgot about that tbh and that (along with the fact that she was boring) was why I wasn’t a big fan of her the first time!!

        • Nikki

          Maybe Paul deserved it.

        • teeka67

          she was so mean to him…

  • Rain

    why don’t these ex HW just move on?? It’s kinda pathetic actually

    • Minx

      Old HW’s never die.
      They are recycled as ‘Guests’, ‘Friend’s Of’ and Antagonists..
      You are correct, it is rather Pathetic.
      I am more curious about her boy toy, Sean Stewart..

    • Nikki

      Because they want that easy Bravo money!

      • caroleann2

        She hardly needs the money. She is very wealthy. She must just like being relevant and in the public eye.

        • Nikki

          That could be it too. I think some of them need the money though but probably not her.

  • cat62

    Sure – why not?

  • Shadowcat99

    I’m fine with her coming back. But I absolutely LOVE Camille, so I’m very excited about her return.

  • Pierre

    Please don’t tell me Camille isn’t going to be full-time… again! I feel like they have been teasing her return for ages now – every time there is a new season but she always ends up being friend/guest. And I genuinely thought it was going to happen this time, especially considering the interviews she had given about the possibility. But it doesn’t even look like she went on the cast trip 🙁 Really disappointing.

    • Notabot

      I read something about her staying part-time because she doesn’t want to travel on cast trips, but I can’t remember where.

      • Pierre

        That would make sense then – because she’s been seen at almost everything else… Can’t understand why someone would miss out on the opportunity to have their own tagline! 😉

  • Starr

    I doubt they’ll make or break the show with their return.

  • JJgal

    I’d be happy if they got rid of Lisa Rinna!!!

    • Pierre

      Then you’d get rid the show!!

  • EnigmaWrappedInSnark

    Watching Li$a come for Adrienne a few seasons back was the first glimpse into her bitchery, which then of course continued as she tried to make Eileen’s life a living hell. I’d like to Adrienne return and give right back to Li$a (whom I do like btw). I just happen to be kind of big on revenge.

    • Pierre

      Don’t forget when Lisa came after Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda & Rinna as well… That’s what’s so refreshing about Eileen & Rinna – they actually said/did something. Although it did take 2 of them!! Maybe now that LVP’s crown is crooked Adrienne is ready to take her revenge! 😉

      • EnigmaWrappedInSnark

        Don’t get me wrong, I think Li$a is a good egg (based on her work with dogs alone), but I thought she really crossed the line 2 seasons ago when she so viciously attacked Eileen. I suspect Eileen’s salary and status irked the crap out of her.

        • Pierre

          I think Lisa is highly manipulative and a control freak. Yes, she does great work for dogs which is nice but the same cannot be said for some of her work with her costars. Having said that, I do enjoy watching her – she is funny and interesting so I wouldn’t want her to not be on the show. However, she doesn’t “own” any of her behaviours (although I felt like that started to change last season, probably due to season 6 when she was caught in her ‘web’). I think she really met her match with Eileen who is equally smart and articulate only she’s far more honest and not manipulative like Vanderpump. I’m going to really miss her this coming season because her + Rinna are my faves 🙁

          • EnigmaWrappedInSnark

            We’re completely on the same page:-) She annoyed the hell out of me for a few seasons there, but I do think she kind of redeemed herself last year. Still, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her.

        • Beever

          Didn’t Lisa only ask Eileen how she met her husband?!?

          • EnigmaWrappedInSnark

            No sweetie. First of all she KNEW that Eileen and Vinnie were both technically married when they met. Li$a was TRASHED but not so drunk to not see how Eileen was squirming, and if that didn’t tip her off, she had to see all the other women at the table watching in horror. She meant to publicly humiliate and embarrass Eileen and besides, the next when Eileen confronted her, she then played stupid. She knew she was upset, but didn’t care. My theory is Li$a considered Eileen the ringleader in getting the others to “abandon” her at the crappy hotel (because she was the one thoughtful enough to leave Li$a the note that they changed hotels), when the truth it Kyle called Maury and got them another place to stay.

            • Pierre

              Ahahahaha! That was funny. Trouble is, Eileen is/was too classy to say something like that… I believe LVP knew that Eileen was competition (a bit like Yolanda) and, therefore, wanted to try and take her down. However, unlike Yo, she failed.

              • EnigmaWrappedInSnark

                Very interesting theory //// Li$a didn’t like Eileen on day one . I’m recalling a particular cringe worthy scene when Eileen first came on board and went to pick up Li$a for Rinna’s jewelry luncheon … Eileen raved to Li$a (and in her talking heads as well) how gorgeous her home was and Li$a was completely dismissive and rude. It’s also speculated that she was furious about Eileen salary (substantially higher than Li$a’s).

            • Insertnonsense

              Yes! I’ve always felt this too! Never understood all the hate for Eileen. If Lisa would have just apologized it would have been a nothing issue, but Lisa continued to be dismissive and rude about the whole think. Everything Lisa does has an ulterior motive where as Eileen seems very genuine and sweet. I loved how she put all the negative stuff aside when she saw the good that Lisa was doing for dogs in China. She even tried to adopt a dog!

              • Pierre

                The only reason people had a problem with her was because they believe LVP is as great as she thinks she is!! Lol.

              • EnigmaWrappedInSnark

                Exactly … suprisingly, Eileen just wasn’t cut out for Reality TV. She accomplished what she needed to and boogied on out of there.

  • Rochelle Barozzi

    She is mind numbingly boring. Please no. Or a friend of maybe.

  • HJ

    I love it. Beats the hell out of drunken Brandy

    • Audrey Miller Stone

      Anybody but Brandi… she was so crass.

  • Cat in Washington

    I am fine with Adrienne coming back and super happy about Camille.

    The person that I am not fine with is Dorit… read another article about Adrienne and they listed her as being part of next season’s cast.

  • Kate

    Please get rid of Dorit and her creepy hubby Weinstein…oops I mean PK…

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  • Beever

    Camille has been back she is just so boring no one really noticed

  • Nikki

    That’s awesome. I always liked Adrienne Maloof Hoof

  • Make It Stop


  • RRRobin

    I guess she’s slightly better than that one who kept changing her name and then the poor (undoubtedly battered) husband killed himself.

  • ~Medusa~

    How can you tell if Adrain is excited? Thanks to the wonders of Botox & fillers, her facial expression never changes.

    • Daisy

      Plus she made herself look so much older , not younger

      • ~Medusa~

        I agree. By dating significantly younger guys, she looks MUCH older.

        • Daisy

          Yes there’s that also . Hopefully she has a supply of diapers handy

  • ~Medusa~

    Hi Rain, I stumbled upon it. Good to *see* you here, too.

  • Daisy

    Morning Baby doll , how are you

  • Daisy

    No complaints , believe it or not

  • Daisy

    Walking dead marathon , so I’m basically useless today . Hope you’re having a great Sunday

  • Daisy

    Have fun and enjoy your beautiful day hot stuff

  • ~Medusa~

    If it’s your main stomping ground, it has to be greatttttt!!!! I’ll keep it in mind.

  • T Walt

    She was so turned off by paul that it was impossible to fake it and then guilt set in because he was a great husband and father. I’m sure she cringed when she saw herself on tv and realized it was so dysfunctional and how unhappy she really was. So was he. Glad he’s doing well.

  • Aquarius_Ascending

    Camille never really left tbh. I’ve seen Adrienne plenty too. I won’t mind their returns.

  • ~Medusa~

    Happy Monday to you, too RAIN!!!!!

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    One more plastic procedure and she’ll have to get her Brazilian wax in her chin