Adrienne Maloof Quits RHOBH!

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof has been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the first Season, and TMZ is reporting Adrienne has QUIT RHOBH! Sources close to Adrienne tell TMZ she has had multiple talks with the show’s producers and executives over the past few months, and has discussed her desire to leave the show. Viewers aren’t surprised, as Season 3 of RHOBH has been a roller-coaster for Adrienne… and it’s not even over. The show has yet to capture her split from Paul Nassif.

Season 3 has chronicled Adrienne’s ongoing battle with co-stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, and as we previously reported, Adrienne tried to quit RHOBH in the middle of filming! However, Adrienne was unable to walk away from the show due to her contract with Bravo.

TMZ reports Adrienne believes the intrusiveness of the show has “ruined” her family and personal life. The site reports Adrienne’s decision to leave the show has nothing to do with finances (she’s worth millions), fighting with Brandi Glanville, or her divorce from Paul Nassif.

Truthfully, Adrienne may be one step ahead of the producers. It’s been reported she and Taylor Armstrong are on the chopping block and their replacements are already being scouted. As we previously reported, former “Extra” host Dayna Devon is currently a front-runner, along with Rod Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster.

Do YOU want to see Adrienne leave RHOBH?

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22 Replies to “Adrienne Maloof Quits RHOBH!”

  1. I recently read where she and her brothers were shopping their own reality show. She is just way too jealous of the popular girls…..this brat isn’t accustomed to being less than the star. She wants out because she can’t handle the reality of her own crap. I honestly don’t know who would give her a reality show. There is nothing attractive, appealing, or interesting about her or her brothers. Just spoiled rich kids spending and losing their inheritance. She doesn’t even look like a normal woman due to all her plastic surg and fillers. That is s big sign that she has tons of emotional issues, imo. She is an unstable, delussional bitch.

    1. Pinky? is it?,

      I think YOU are the one (as well as your cohorts) are the jealous one’s. Adrienne is a wonderful person. Gives to the most fabulous charities and is one to look up too. YOU CLEARLY DO NOT KNOW HER so do not throw stones….or make JUDGEMENT against her. She is THE most beautiful person out of ALL of the housewives. Inside and out. HANDS-DOWN! And, I know them ALL. Just because she doesn’t get involved with all of the Drama, infantile cat-fights, and talking behind her ‘friend’s back’s, MAKES her more likable. If she has something catty to say, she’ll say it to your face. She will NOT say it behind your back NOR start some crazy, adolescent rumor. Why or HOW do I ‘know’ these people? I am the daughter of a very wealthy movie studio OWNER. Therefore, sometimes unfortunately, I run in those circles.
      Anyhow, QUIT with the name calling. It is BENEATH YOU……………..or is it?


  2. I think Pinky put it together nicely. Well said Pinky.

    I’ve never been a fan of Adrienne & I wanted to be “Girl Power” with her. Between her and Bernie-SMH Not a fan and hope they fade back into their empire. It needs attention.

  3. I know most “vocal viewers” do not like Adrienne. I do. She did the wrong thing in attacking Lisa last season, and it snowballed from there. I don’t think she realized how the Bravo machine can eat you up, and spit you out. It must be humiliating to her that such an unaccomplished backseat loser like Brandi got the best of her. Truth is, she doesn’t need this show or the “perceived” fame!

  4. my impression is she has had her way all her life and when things go wrong…. lie about it cuz she entitled……….. I’m not interested in her life so let’s get someone on the housewives that is more interesting and someone who truly has something to say.

  5. I won’t miss her. I’ll be glad not to have to hear that monotone voice coming out of that frozen face making meaningless comments.

  6. Yeah, yeah, hip, hip hoo-ray! She brings absolutely “nothing” to the show.
    Adrienne really should thank Bravo for catapulting her claim to “anything”!
    But, you know she won’t. Stay tuned for all the “nasty” she delves out now to Bravo.

  7. Yeah…right…we believe that Adrienne quit and isn’t being fired! Now try to tell us another story!!! She is trying to save face…ugh…because she knows she will not be asked back next season. Don’t let the door hit you in the a**, Adrienne!

  8. Adrienne has been my favorite housewife throughout this whole mess with trashy Brandi. I am glad that Adrienne is getting off the show, because she is above it.

  9. Or maybe she is leaving because her new boy toy stepmom is being considered for the show…….oh how fun would that be to watch. See ya Adrienne take Fake aka faye with ya!

  10. No way Adrienne is just quitting this show. She knows Bravo will be letting her go this year, and she needs to save face.. Again.

  11. i find it funny how someone said that adrienne is above this show. yeah she may have money shes worth 300 million dollars and that is really under THE MALOOF name. is she was above the show she would never have done the show. being wealthy doesnt make u above anything. is she was really a person that was above anything she wouldve known that doing a reality show is going to bring out all your little dirty secret. to be honest ive always loved adrienne but she disappointed me the this season and last season at the reunion, she lies and keeps lying she had so much opportunity to correct everything but she didn’t. i love brandi but i think brandi was wrong in basically telling all of adriennes business regarding her family. when your mad at someone you dont just pull trash and throw it in their face but in all fairness adrienne did the same to brandi it just wasnt aired on tv. it baffles me how these two ladies couldnt have sat down together and resolved it. but when u have big money like adrienne you dont throw fists you throw lawsuits and lawyers

  12. @ Joshua I agree with your comment 100%.. I the show is so TRASHY With Brandi.
    Adrienne has been my favorite housewife throughout this whole mess with trashy Brandi. I am glad that Adrienne is getting off the show, because she is above it.

  13. NO! She most definitely won’t be missed. On all the blogs, threads, etc….there is a resounding sentiment about Adrienne Maloof: most people simply do not like her. Bravo knew this and decided to give her the ax. She did not quit, but rather she was fired (and for good reason). Her down fall came when she attacked Lisa (bad move). Viewers LOVE Lisa. She is a “fan favourite” and viewers responded in defence and support of her. Also, Adrienne’s envy of Lisa was so transparent. Viewers picked up on that too. What made matters even worse, she attacked Brandi and allowed her cook….yeaaaah, “cook”….Bernie disrespect Lisa and Brandi. Two people who were supposed be her “friends” at the time. Lastly, people really got tired of her arrogance. Adrienne behaves as if she was above everyone in the entire world. Bottom line, Bravo knew it was time for her to go. Her replacements were in the works long before she decided to “quit”. I’m so happy she won’t be on next season. I only hope she takes Fake Rancid (Faye Resnick) with her.

  14. i will miss her. adrienne is so classy and beautiful! please get rid of horrible yolanda, shes the one who thinks she is better than everyone else. i almost quit watching the show because i cant stand yolanda. i will miss adrienne .

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