Adrienne Maloof & Paul Nassif Had Financial Trouble? Did Paul Cheat On Adrienne?


Paul Nassif filed for legal separation from Adrienne Maloof on July 30th, 2012. The couple officially filed for divorce on August 28th, 2012 and according to blind items released by Crazy Days And Nights, Paul was pursuing other women prior to the couple separating. On July 10th, 2012, the site posted a blind item stating; ‘What married Real Housewives – BH wife really needs to watch her husband more closely? If he was dirty dancing with that much younger woman and rubbing her ass and telling her how hot she was while the Bravo cameras were filming all around him, then how do you think he is behaving when they are not around?’

No surprise, because of the many allegations the couple didn’t sleep in the same bed and had an open marriage.

The site also reported a blind item that suggested Paul and Adrienne were having financial troubles before their split. On July 10th, Crazy Days And Nights posted a blind item stating; ‘What RHBH couple is trying to quietly sell their huge house? It seems their money is not what is used to be & their side ventures are a bust.’

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Lisa

    If anyone believes this marriage was ever real….
    Just watch RHBH again and study them.
    A had no respect for Paul!

  • Lisa

    Just like A relationship with Rod Stewarts son. That was not real!

  • Pinky

    Adrianne and her brothers have squandered much of their inheritance on very poor investments. The ones that have survived – their ownership is at 2% or less. It was very public news last year. I can’t speak anything about Paul’s practice – and I wouldn’t say Adrianne is struggling, but she sure isn’t that liquid and she has to downsize. She is no business woman that is very obvious.

  • Nancy

    That picture (above) is funny.

  • Lola

    It is sad to see another reality show couple divorce. This is why alot of women in Beverly Hills say their husbands will not let them do this show. Bravo admitted no one wants to be on this show!!!

  • Anna

    It’s all very sad the way things pan out with the Real Housewives franchise. I used to like Paul and Adrienne very much. Whenever there were fights, high drama and so on, especially with Taylor, Adrienne seemed to be the calming voice of reason. It’s a shame the way she was made to appear a total villain. I can’t say I have much time for Brandi Glanville, and since she’s been on RHOBH, I’ve switched off. I liked Paul Nassif, and it was clear Adrienne wasn’t particularly interested in him romantically. These shows are bad for people’s health and lives. Teresa Guidice is a case in point. Where will this all end!